Being Real: Shipwrecked

Once a seafaring vessel, Capable of tackling waves with ease. Now waves tackle without relent, as this ship hugs the shore for survival. In her day she shone with the Captains delight, her crew was the envy of all. She traveled from north and south, east and west, no quest too big nor too small.... Continue Reading →


Honor Your Father and Mother

However, a father cannot teach his child to honor him by demanding honor. Neither can a mother teach her child to honor her by demanding to be honored. Instead, we teach our children to honor us by honoring our own parents and by honoring our spouses. Source: Honor Your Father and Mother

FFOZ- A Visit to the Temple Mount

“The Temple shall be rebuilt—the city of Zion shall be filled…” As we waited to ascend to the mount where the Temple once stood two millennia ago, we heard these joyous words sung in Hebrew, and we found ourselves singing right along with our fellow Jews. We were standing on the rickety wooden bridge that… via... Continue Reading →

Being Real: Disconnected

I am not really sure where to begin... life really is about the journey and experiences had, while not the destination.  However, our journey and experiences along the way do help direct the destination! Life as a prison chaplain is not an easy one, nor is it a glamorous one.  Most days I feel like... Continue Reading →

FFOZ- The House on the Sand

Have we disregarded the words of the Master, particularly these hard words of the Sermon on the Mount? Have we placed our concerns with doctrinal suppositions and having the right set of beliefs rather than in the radical obedience and discipleship to which the Master calls us? Source: The House on the Sand

The Storm Rages

Look to the horizon, the clouds roll. Sky was red on the cusp of the day. Warnings to all that a storm approaches. Brace for the wind, rain, and hail. Rage away as you must, Time stands still in the midst of the storm. Your fury rages... but only for a time. The swath of... Continue Reading →

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