The Storm Rages

Look to the horizon, the clouds roll. Sky was red on the cusp of the day. Warnings to all that a storm approaches. Brace for the wind, rain, and hail. Rage away as you must, Time stands still in the midst of the storm. Your fury rages... but only for a time. The swath of... Continue Reading →

Connected…not so much!

Hello, my name is Brandon, and I am an introvert, you killed my free time and creativity, prepare to die... Yes, I am saying goodbye to the social time wasters of Facebook and Twitter.  Now granted I wasn't glued to these social outlets 24/7, remember I am an introvert.  But somehow through the time I... Continue Reading →

Being Real: Beyond the Clouds

Way up high beyond the clouds, The world below appears at peace. It is beneath the clouds, Where conflicts arise... Help us to live beyond the clouds... So that appearances may be reality! -EsseRealis

Being Real: Desert Times

Desolate desert, dead dry dreary, wandering... wondering weary. Helpless, hopeless heat, faltering from failing feet. Loneliness, life living lonely, barren... beaten, broken badly. Thoughts -thinking travesty, cannot... cause... casualty. Desolate desert...dead dry dreary! ~EsseRealis

Being Real: MyStory

...each story has its own lessons and reasons to be written on the timeline of life! We all have a story to tell!   Our lives are like the words written on the pages of our own personal book. We all have a beginning... We all have life that is full of story... We all... Continue Reading →

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