A Fan No Longer (part 1)

A Fan No Longer!

Today is the beginning of a new chapter in my real life- I am a fan no longer of the NHL!  Yes I know shockwaves happened after you read that statement.  But for me it is a huge day, after watching and cheering for 25 years for Les Habitants, I no longer will.  I made the decision a couple of weeks ago that if the NHL were to lock out the players, I would be done supporting the sport I grew up with and the team that I cheered for- The Montreal Canadiens.

The time came and passed this weekend, the NHL locked out their players, and now I am a fan no longer!

The church our family attends is beginning a small group series next week focused on Kyle Idleman’s book- Not A Fan.  I am already able to connect with the premise that I am not a fan- (of the NHL).  The concept of not being a fan of Jesus takes on an entirely new spin.  A spin that is focused on getting out of the stands and getting into real life!

As a former fan of the Montreal Canadiens I had been able to jump ship when the waters got tough and ugly, which, as of yesterday, is what I have done for good.  I am sick of what is going on with professional sports and I have chosen not to support the model they are pursuing.  It is my choice and I am actually content with it.

In my next post I will explore I am a fan no longer at a deeper level!

Esse Realis!


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