How ya doing? Man I am busy…

Since when has “busy” become the new response to the expression “how are you doing?”

This has me thinking about how I respond to people when I am asked this question,

because busy is a state of being, not doing.

For the most part however, people really do not honestly want to know how I am doing?

The “how are you?” is a mere breaking of the awkward silence between 2 passing ships.

Instead of the pre-normal salutation of “I am well, how are you?”

The new post modern old adage has become “Man I am busy!”

My response- Really, is that the best answer I can come up with- I am busy!

Who isn’t busy these days, busy means that I have forgotten how to be and have merely become a doer.

The phrase I am a human being not a human doing rings true, but in all honesty

I want to be real to everyone I come in contact with, therefore I am going back to the standard,

“I am doing well, how are you doing?




What do you think?

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