Remember November

Now that halo-ween is over, Remembrance Day comes to light for a very few short moments before it gets enveloped by American thanksgiving/Black Friday/and the Christmas push.

Question: Why is it that we as a society and as a culture for that matter, simply remember the sacrifices for our freedoms, but for a moment?

I have always loved Remembrance Day, for me it was a time to reflect on the many people who gave their lives for me, even though they did not know me.  I find this thought humbling.

Would I do the same, or better could I?  

I don’t know at this point in my life what I would do, but one thing I do know, is that during this lead up to Remembrance Day, I will take the time to Remember November as more than a build up to Christmas, but as a time of reflection and respect for the sacrifices that were offered on my behalf.

Thank you to all who wear the uniform; past, present, and future.

The poppy, black and red,

Reminds us of the war dead.

Sons and daughters crawled through the field,

To fight for freedom and never yield.

With their lives they paid the price,

So we must remember their sacrifice.

To honour them is a small token,

For the lives and hearts that were broken.

Poppies affixed next to the heart,

Is a good reminder always to start.

The courage and sacrifice that was shown,

Must be remembered and everywhere known.

Remember Always, Forgetting Never,

Friends and families whose paths were severed.

The price of peace that was paid,

A true reminder where poppies and wreaths are laid.

May we always honour with deepest thanks,

Every member amongst the ranks.

For it is with every November,

A poppy, to Remember! 




  1. Very humbling. Thank you for this and thank you for serving Brandon and to all the veterans who have served.


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