Real Reality

Have you ever encountered someone you knew was not really themselves, I mean they were, but they were behaving or imitating the qualities and personality of someone else, someone, maybe who they wanted to be like?

Well I have!

In fact I have been that person at times.  Not that I am proud about it, but it is the discovery of not being true to myself or to the talents, skills, and personality that I have been made with.  I have been cheating others from not being genuinely me.

Reality is defined by what it isn’t, for instance the definitions of real are:

 not artificial, fraudulent or illusory and genuine, not counterfeit, artificial, or imitation.

I think the reason I have wanted to be like other people in the past is because I was not happy with who I was, in fact I disliked myself and the situations I was in so much, that I would dress like others, talk like others, act to a certain degree like others, but what I was truly missing was me!

When I am not my true self it is much like when a compass is not heading true north, the magnetic declination is taking me off course to where I want to be.  When I am not real, I am not heading in the direction of my true self, I am off course.

True North

I see this ever so much in our culture today, in our churches, businesses, marriages, relationships, we/I am afraid to be who I am, in fear that I may not be accepted by what society says is acceptable- however, my question to myself is: what does God say about what is acceptable?

See, my perceived worldview has shifted from what society/culture/others say is acceptable to what God says is acceptable.  The 1970’s-2000’s rock band Petra used to sing a song called God Pleaser, the lyrics were simply, yet profoundly- I don’t want to be a man pleaser, I want to be a God pleaser!

This is the real reality: bankers don’t handle counterfeit money to know it’s counterfeit, they handle the real thing and when a bill passes through their hands that is not real- they know!




  1. I struggle with this from time to time. I want to be accepted, but yet I want to be myself at the same time. It is a constant struggle on some days. Of course, it only comes out with some people. My close friends I have no problem being my true self with. Others….it takes some work.

    Thanks for being honest bro.


    1. Not a problem Jamin, thanks for taking the time to be honest yourself! I believe honesty is partially the key to being our real self, yet honesty is hard enough at times with ourselves, let alone other people!


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