D.L. “Rusty” Rust- The Mirror

Photo Credit: http://www.rustyart.net

This will not be a typical post, as I am usually well versed at restraint,

however, being real in this moment is something of the saints.

I am tired of the masks that people present to me,

but worse still are the portraits I allow others to see.


Being Real in this present moment will require the masks to rattle,

something that is difficult at best, but well worth the battle.

But what about the thoughts of others as they see the real me,

what does it matter, as long as the me they see, is who I am meant to be.

A being real moment is what I want each and every second of the day,

So off with the charades and mindless games that we play.

Today I am choosing to throw the camouflage aside,

to live as I am, and not for the cultural norms that misguide.


So here it is, this short little vent,

Make time right now, for a Being Real Moment.




What do you think?

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