Act IV: The Finish Line

continued from Act III: Slow Down

The Finish Line

Here is a question to ask yourself in this venue of running to win with family relationships: “When do you form lasting and meaningful relationships with your family?”  Before you read the next paragraph, really think about this question.  If you have thought about it, you may have come up with answers like, “We form lasting relationships when we are together”, or perhaps, “When we are not so busy with work, that’s when the relational happens”. These are good answers, but here is a simple formula that will help you to remember when we form lasting and meaningful relationships.

It is simply, N O W.

You form them in the present moment. We cannot change the past and we cannot engage the future. The time each of us is given is the present moment. It is in the present, in the now where we find ourselves in relationship to our family, to ourselves, and to God. Now is when lasting and meaningful relationships are created.

Rail Art by Shayne Stoakes
A Moment in Time

How often though, do we find ourselves rushing from meeting to meeting, in order to appease our “doing the work of God” mindset? We have a difficult time making time for now. If we want to see a shift in the current wave of family relationships, we must make time for the present, and we must live in the present. According to Timothy, doing God’s work begins first and foremost in the family. We need to slow down, take the lead, and be with our families…now.

Imagine if leaders in the church began to see their family as all the other families in the church. What would our families look like if we all began to slow down and be with our family? How would the church look? We have the present in which to make a choice that will change the direction of the future. Regardless of the life experiences we have faced and the meanings we have created surrounding those experiences, now is where we live. We can either continue to live life at high speed and exist with our family, or we can slow and be with our family.

“Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh

The choice we make is essential as we lead our family, are committed to our family, and are attentive to our family.  Grasping life at its depth requires that we slow down and be with our family.

So go for it, slow down and be with your family!



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