Reality Shows and Real Life

OK, I admit it, I am a fan of Survivor.  As of this point in time (Monday morning May 13, 2013) I still do not know who has won the game.  I will watch it eventually as I am drawn to the outcome of this social game- this has me thinking though, why am I (as well as many others) drawn to reality shows?

What is it about my real life that seems to be missing something found in these reality shows?

I have been re-reading John Eldredge’s book, Wild at Heart, and what he writes about- adventure, battle and beauty mirrors what our society is missing in our real lives.  I find shows like Survivor draw me in because of the battle, adventures, and beauty that the contestants are facing day to day.  Whereas, in Real Life, for the most part, we settle for the mundane cycle of the day to day- wake up, go to work, go home, sleep x 5 and then bookend it with the weekend cycle.


This is what I (our culture) calls real life?

I think our culture needs a redefining of what real life is, not only in words, but also in action!

What do you think Real Life is?




  1. To me, living a life pleasing to God is real life. But the reality is that so many little items distract me from my relationship with Him. But I have learned that peace and fulfillment can only be found when my actions are in step with His plans for me.


    1. Great perspective on what real life is for you! I hear you about distractions, seems like I can be so focused at one point, and then minutes later…squirrel!


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