Not Missing the NHL!!

So I made a commitment back in the summer of last year (2012), that if the NHL were to proceed with their current path of a lockout, that I would give up watching and supporting my favorite sport since I was a kid.  Well they did proceed and yes I did stick to my commitment, and have continued to do so.

Right now I am reading gods at war by Kyle Idleman that I received from Booksneeze.  I will be writing a review shortly on the book, but I wanted to highlight a thought that has struck me as I have been reading this book, simply that hockey had become an idol for me!

I thought that giving up the NHL would be hard, as it has been part of my core since I was a young boy- HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada on CBC with Don Cherry and Ron MacLean) was tradition and never to be missed, how would life go on without Canada’s favorite past time- well it has and I am better for it.

I realized that I have spent too much time, energy, and money into something that has become more than what it should be- entertainment!  I would become defensive if my team did not beat your team, as if I was somehow part of the team (which by the way happened to be LES CANADIENS, the Habs).

But to say it has been missed would not be truth, in fact it has been freeing not to get so entangled when your team is winning or losing, or who is going to win Lord Stanley’s cup!  To be honest, I don’t really care…

What I do care about is where I spend my time, energy, and other resources with what matters to me- and that is my family and friends.  So thank you NHL for fighting over your (our) money as I realize that there is more to life than watching you live out your dreams, I am now living out mine!



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