*The Age of Red Moons- Christians take Notice!

*(updated on 9 April 2014)

Genesis 1:14- And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs (Hebrew oth-signals), and for seasons, and for days, and years:

I have been researching lately on an upcoming phenomena that has happened before and will happen again.  In fact the next time it is to happen, it will be the ninth time since the year 1 CE.  The phenomena is actually something that we are quite familiar with, and even accustomed to seeing on the rare occasion,

it is simply a total lunar eclipse:

The interesting thing about the next total lunar eclipse is that there will be four in a row.  According to NASA’s website these are the timings of the next four total lunar eclipses:

Lunar Eclipses:

2014 Apr 15   07:46:48   Total 122 1.291   03h35m   01h18m   Aus., Pacific, Americas

2014 Oct 08   10:55:44   Total 127 1.166   03h20m  00h59m   Asia, Aus., Pacific, Americas

2015 Apr 04   12:01:24   Total 132 1.001   03h29m  00h05m   Asia, Aus., Pacific, Americas

2015 Sep 28   02:48:17   Total 137 1.276   03h20m  01h12m   Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa, w Asia


Now there is nothing really odd about 4 total lunar eclipses (also known as a tetrad) in a row.  What is odd is that these 4 total eclipses all fall on Biblical Feast holidays that are celebrated by the Jewish people.  These are the Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles for both years 2014-15.

Now that is interesting!

To verify the following information please check out Torah Calendar and look at the dates in which the eclipse happens according to the Jewish calendar.

What is more interesting is that this quad red moon cycle (tetrad) that falls on Biblical Feasts has happened 8 previous times since the year 1 CE.  The previous 3 times can be verified and recorded using the NASA website and the Torah Calendar website.  The corresponding dates are:

April (Passover) & October (Tabernacles) 1967/68:

  • During this time the 6 Day War happened and on the dates of  June 5-10,1967- the 6 day war (Jerusalem was reclaimed under the new borders).
Israel a Nation once more!

April (Passover)/October (Tabernacles) 1949 and April (Passover) /September (Tabernacles) 1950:

  • During this time-frame on the date of May 14, 1948 after nearly 2000 years Israel becomes a Nation again.


  • 1492- Jews were expelled from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition and Christopher Columbus sails to the New World.

The previous 5 quad red moon patterned years are:

1428-1429 CE

860-861 CE

842-843 CE

795-796 CE

162-163 CE

The most interesting pattern to me as I look forward to the upcoming Passover in 2014 and its connection with the lunar eclipse, is simply based on the previous 3 cycles (1493/94; 1948/49; 1967/68) something significant has happened with Israel as a nation!

Now, I am not one to promote predictions as such, but based on what has happened, this will be the 9th Appointed Time Tetrad, the significance of 9 in the Jewish culture is that of Jugment and Finality!  The next Appointed Time Tetrad to fall on a Biblical feast after 2014/2015 is not for another 500 years.

From what I have been learning, the feasts of the Bible are for all of God’s people (Jews and Non-Jews), and as a member in the North American church, I believe that we have been ignorant to the meanings within the feasts and how they connect the Bible message, especially in relation to the End Times language.

There are great resources to understand these feasts and how things connect together.  Joe Amaral wrote a book called Understanding Jesus which is a great resource in connecting the dots.  On Youtube there is a guy named Scottie Clarke who has a channel called EternalRhythmFlow who is well versed and knowledgeable about Jewish traditions and customs as well as Revelation videos that are very informative.

A good starting website about the Feasts can be found here: Hebrew4Christians.

Thanks for Reading and may we all be awakened!




  1. I tend to be a skeptic about these sorts of things, but I agree that non-Jewish Christians are missing out on a lot of stuff when we ignore (or are simply unaware of) our Jewish heritage, and this is pretty interesting, I’ve got to admit.


    1. I agree with you on the skepticism part, I have heard enough dates about the rapture that it turned me off…until I saw the connection between the Feasts and language that is used within a culture that seems foreign to me! I am definitely attuned to what is happening, not sure what, but something!


  2. I have a post all ready on this! Similar but different. It is a very interesting, and I think life changing, phenomena. Blood moons are mentioned in several prophesies related to the day of the Lord.


    1. Most definitely life altering when you understand the connection to the Biblical festivals! What is the link to your post, I would be very interested in reading it.


      1. It is coming out later. I have posts that are scheduled out to October–I am a prolific writer. I think it is scheduled for sometime in September! But I will put a link to yours right now so other people can click on it if they wish!


    1. Kaaina,
      Thanks for the compliment, I like your site and the focus it has on pointing others towards our Messiah! I visited Kailua Kona once for a missions trip with YWAM- what a beautiful place to live!
      I look forward to reading more from you in the days ahead!


      1. Hey thanks Brandon!

        I really enjoyed your site also, I appreciate you heart, passion and service to others, God Bless You!

        Cool, you’ve been to lil ole Kona! YYAM i s great, we got a bunch that rotate through our church. I love seeing this Spirit filled people throughout our community. Lord knows we need more of that everywhere!



    1. Yes, I have been following Mark along with Scottie Clarke on youtube, it is quite amazing the time we are living in!
      I will check out Mark’s book when it is available- thanks for the heads up!


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