Seeing and Receiving

I was reading through Richard Foster’s book this morning entitled Prayer: finding the hearts true home.  I must admit praying is one of the hardest things there is to do.  As discovered in this book, there are many ways to pray, some are more natural than others, such as the standard prayer- PLEASE HELP ME GOD!

What connected with me this morning was this statement in the prayer at the end of the adoration section, simply:

Lord, let me see your greatness- to the extent that I can receive it.

Our God is an awesome God, but yet in all of God’s greatness, I am not able to fully grasp the awesomeness of God.  My present state of being, forgiven of and from sin, though mired in the stains of sins from the past and the sins of this fallen world, I am bereft to the extent that I can or rather cannot connect with God through His Son- Yeshua Hamashiach, by His Holy Spirit.

Yet it is not about me and my inability or lack of ability, but prayer is about God’s ability or lack of inability, and daily the extent that I can receive it abounds only by God’s grace and greatness.

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