To Pose or Not?

Picture Credit: DL Rust “Rusty” The Mirror

Being Real in Everyday life is not something that we are genuinely good at.  For the most part the question who are you, or Who am I, is generally responded with the catchphrase with what I do for a living, or where I find myself in the scheme of life, culture, family and friends.  We all know we are not what we do, we have heard that we are not human doings but human beings.  So what does it mean to be myself- who is myself and am I comfortable with the answer to that question.

If I am not what I do, why is it that I define myself by my actions or inactions?

Posing is what most of us do on a regular basis, who truly knows the true us?  If I am not defined by my actions, what defines me?

“What I do does not define who I am, but who I am defines what I do.” (Neil Anderson)

So what if I do not know who I am?  I pose to cover up the reality that who I am is not uncovered as a fraud!

The poser me oftentimes becomes the defined me, so how can I truly know who I am?

If truth is truth whether we believe it or not to be the truth, that should be a good starting point in the defining of Who I am.  Jesus said, I am the way, truth, life…

Jesus did not pose to be, Jesus is.

We pose because we continue to search for the way, truth, and life.

“We cannot find God, we can only be found by God.” (Henri Nouwen)

For the most part we are running scared from God because of our inability to see ourselves in light of the way, truth and life.  It is only by God’s grace that we can be found.

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