An Open Heart

Jesus Loves me this I know

For the Bible tells me so.

Though He died upon a tree,

He rose again for you and me.

Yet He gave us still Another,

who sticks closer than any brother.

The Holy Spirit our guide today,

Still leads souls from the miry clay.

God is God beyond our say,

and is coming back in a cloud someday.

So if you hear the shofar sound,

praise the Lord for you’re heaven bound.

But if you see your friend disappear,

may you think of this poem you hear.

For God so loves both you and I,

oh won’t you hear the Spirit’s cry.

Just open up your heart to Him,

and He will forgive you from your sin.

Then you will be on an eternal flight,

soaring to the greatest height.

Live I tell you for every day,

and give God glory in every way.

Remember, if it wasn’t for Christ’s precious blood,

It would be yours…yes it would.



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