Civic Nation

Every now and again at EsseRealis I like to do a post about something that interests me in my day to day living. So to that point- I love Honda- ever since my dad bought his 1983 Honda Shadow 500:

and took me on rides as a kid, I loved the Honda brand.  As of today, I am the proud owner of 3 Honda vehicles (2 civics and a 4-trax rancher ATV).   I have been very satisfied with  both Civics and I cannot spend enough time on my ATV, but that is another post perhaps.

So, without further adieu, welcome to Civic Nation…

Generation 1: (1972-1979) The Car that started a Nation…

1973 Honda Civic- Generation 1

The Honda Civic was first introduced in 1972 at $2200.  The Honda slogan for the Civic was “It will get you where you’re going” and has been doing so ever since!  The base engine output was 50hp and achieved better than 40mpg on the highway- not much has changed for the civic in 40 years in this department!

Generation 2: (1980-1983)

1980 Civic Country

The second gen Civic added more power to a larger body giving the civic between 55-67 horsepower while the highway mileage was rated at 41-55mpg on the Civic FE (Fuel Economy)- do the new hybrids get that kind of mileage???

1983 Civic Sedan

Generation 3: (1983-1987)

The introduction of the CRX model, a sporty hatchback like civic.  It was named Import Car of the year by Motor Trend.

Also introduced during this generation of Civic was the Si model, which is the upgraded model in both power and trim.

1984 Civic Si

This generation proved to be a future success for the Civic family as both models are still in some form of production today with the CRX-CRZ and the Si models of the Civic as Sedan and Coupe.

Generation 4: (1987-1991)

Modification, Modification, Modification… It seems if you wanted to change the looks of your Civic to fit your style- you could!  Civics became the model car for modification.  With this generation of Civics the new model introduced was the SiR.

1989 Civic Sedan Mod

Generation 5: (1992-1995)

The generation that sported the first Civic coupe, new aerodynamic styling and still boasted an EPA 48/55 MPG.

1994 Civic Coupe
1994 Honda Civic CR-X Del Sol (modified)

Generation 6: (1996-2000)

The first Civic Si Coupe EM1 was introduced in this generation in the years 1999-2000.

2000 Honda Civic Sedan
2000 Honda Civic Si Coupe EM1

Generation 7: (2001-2005)

Introduce the Civic Hybrid.

2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

2005 Honda Civic Si

Generation 8: (2006-2011)

With a total overhaul of styling, Generation 8 took Civic nation to a new futuristic style in both interior and exterior.  Also noting that the Hatchback Civic was no longer in production.

2006 Civic Interior
2006 Honda Civic Sedan

2008 Civic Si

Generation 9: (2012- present)

2012 Honda Civic
2012 Civic Coupe Si

With a long standing history of reliability, affordability, mod-ability and customer retention, the Honda Civic has truly created a nation unto its own.  So far as Honda continues to build quality, I am sure that Civic Nation will continue on.  I believe the slogan from 1972 still rings true today- Honda Civic,” it will get you where you’re going!”

Here’s to the Civic!


Although not a Civic commercial, this is by far one of my favorite Honda commercials:



  1. I married into a Honda CRX. What a great car! The wife wasn’t5 bad, either. 🙂

    As I prepare for Thanksgiving, I praise God for blogging friends like you who keep me reading, writing, and finding God’s amazing grace in so many ways.

    Have a blessed holiday season,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great family to marry into- I am sure you’re wife’s family is pretty good too! I am Canadian, so I already had my thanksgiving, but I do have family state side. Thanks for the encouragement and it is great to connect with you through blogging as well.


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