**Rabbi Kaduri, Ariel Sharon, and the Messiah

As of Jan 3, 2014 there is much talk in the news about a former Prime Minister of Israel on his death bed- Ariel Sharon.  8 years ago to this month (4 Jan 2006) Sharon suffered a stroke and has been in a coma ever since.  A significant connection with Sharon and a well known Rabbi- Rabbi Kaduri has been circulating since the 1 year anniversary of Kaduri’s death on 28 Jan 2006:

A few months before Kaduri died at the age of 108, he surprised his followers when he told them that he met the Messiah. Kaduri gave a message in his synagogue on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, teaching how to recognize the Messiah. He also mentioned that the Messiah would appear to Israel after Ariel Sharon’s death. (Israel Today article)

With this coming Passover (15 April 2014) starting the blood moon tetrad pattern that has been noticed 7 times previous since the time of Jesus, things are seemingly very interesting as far as prophecy is concerned and end of the church age.  What is interesting about this next blood moon tetrad is that it is the eighth time this pattern has fallen on the Biblical feast days.

The number 8 in Jewish meaning represents a new beginning or new era. **(After reading Mark Biltz book- Blood Moons, there is actually another Appointed times tetrad- 1428-29, which puts this current one at the 9th Appointed times tetrad since 1CE.  The number 9 represents that of judgment and finality- interesting times for sure!)

As one who watches and is generally a listener, I have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and ask some tough faith questions- Do I really believe that Jesus is coming back again, and if so, would the generation know about it?  Matthew 24 is a great place to start to answer some of these questions.

So back to Sharon, Rabbi Kaduri and Jesus- these things are all very interesting, though extrabiblical, very intriguing to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.  Do I believe that Jesus could have appeared to an Orthodox Rabbi who did not believe that He was the Messiah?  Yes- Case in point- Paul on the road to Damascus, it has already happened before!  Do I believe that God can do whatever He wants, when and how He wants to- doesn’t matter if I believe it or not God is God and what His will is… it will be done.

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  1. Joshua says:

    I too have been following this story for about 8-9 years now… All we can do now is wait and pray. May God bless you.


    1. EsseRealis says:

      Very interesting for sure, watch pray and be about the Father’s business!


  2. Liz says:

    I believe Yitzak Kaduri was on the money with his prophecies. It is at the end of the age of the history of mankind is when Israel will finally accept Jesus as Messiah. They will accept Jesus as Messiah when He destroy all of Israel’s enemies who surround her to invade her by this end- time dictator called Antichrist. Antichrist will be a world dictator who will make what Hitler did in the Holocaust look like child’s play. He will try to exterminate the Jews and succeed in killing 2/3 of the Jewish people before Messiah comes back and destroy all of the armies of Antichrist (the world’s last dictator) in the greatest blood bath in human history which will be WWIV or WWVI we don’t know. But this world is coming to an end and the biggest prophecy of Messiah will be fulfilled when Messiah take on Israel’s enemies led by this anti-semetic dictator in the last days and kill them off in the valley of Meggedo look this up in Zechariah 12:9-11. Jesus is coming again to prevent man from annihilating itself in nuclear war at the end of the age had He not return and cut short the years of human history mankind would have annihilated itself in nuclear war at the Battle Of Armaggedon. It is written in Mathew 24 and Luke 21. Messiah died for the sins of the world that was what He did the first time he came and Israel did not believe He was the Messiah because he did not fulfill the prophecy of destroying Israel’s enemies, not realizing this prophecy was predicted to happen at the end of the world when all the nations led by a European world dictator from Rome try to annihilate every Jew from this earth. Then Messiah will return and destroy all of Israel’s enemies in the greatest blood bath in human history, the battle of Armaggedon in the Valley of Megedo. They say in Revelation blood will flow as high as the horse’s bridle! Israel will mourn over Messiah as a long lost son and a firstborn and all Israel will be saved, thus fulfilling the greatest Messianic prophecy. They will cry bitterly when they see Messiah whom they rejected save them from annihilation and destroy all of their enemies! But it will literally take Messiah Jesus to come through the skies for Israel to believe upon Him not only to save Israel from annihilation but stop mankind from destroying itself in nuclear war because every nation will possess nuclear weapons. Messiah came the first time as a humble Son of God to die for the sins of mankind or every man, woman, boy and girl would have died and went to hell. He paid for our sins instead of us having to pay for it, with His life. When he died and rose again, “He is God’s Son” making Him God he did away with the law. We no longer had to keep the law to inherit eternal life because his suffering and death paid for our sins. He paid for all the wrong we did on the cross with his life, thus making us exempt from going to hell. And a sufficient payment it was, we are now exempt from keeping the law because of what he did for us in our place on the cross. His payment for sin was sufficient for God so we no longer had to keep the law to inherit eternal life but simply believe upon him and trust in his suffering and death to pay for our sins. Isaiah 53 says Jesus is the Messiah and it true, to this day He is the only one who fulfilled Isaiah 53 and will be the only one to fulfill Zechariah 12:9-11. Messiah is YESHUA!!!!! Jesus Christ!!!


    1. EsseRealis says:

      Yes, Yeshua is the Hamashiach! We are definitely living in interesting times and to watch this play out is both exciting and time for the church worldwide to awaken!


  3. shelly says:

    RIP Ariel


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