Honest Thoughts for Today

As I was having some quiet time this morning I was challenged by a couple of thoughts I would like to share.  I am not normally one who shares thoughts or feelings, as a colleague once commented that they find it very hard to read me because I don’t wear how I am feeling.  This statement caused me to stop and think- “man am I one hard hearted person, no one really knows how I feel!”

As a person who admits to following Christ, I have come to the conclusion that God still has alot of work left to do on this follower.  This follower needs to submit to the greatest commandment and Love God with every fabric of my existence, and to love others (enemies included) as I love myself?  Self love, yes this is what our culture and society needs…How God can I love when people around me do not even know how I am feeling!!!

Esse Realis, Be Real, wow do I have a ways to go.  Well as long as I am Being Real in this moment, which is the goal of this blog, to help me stay focused on Being Real for others to see God’s love in a real and practical way.  Another random thought for today was- How can I be a warrior when I can barley lift the sword?  Going through John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart Bootcamp with a few of my close friends a few months ago has still left me wrestling with many questions and fewer answers.  An Adventure to Live, A Beauty to Rescue and A Battle to fight…like I said many more questions than answers.

I believe that there is a story unfolding around us and for the most part I have been oblivious to where I fit in this grand story that God is telling.  Sure I go to work, I exist at some level of consciousness, but where do I fit into this story- what or who is my character.  Is there more to life than the mundane of so called reality?  Do I matter, am I making a difference…

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