Creed. a statement of i Believe

This is my creed, my personal statement of belief:

i believe in the Lord God, Yod Hay Vav Hay (YHWH)

who is One

Alone and there is no other.

The Father, Lover of the Created

The Son, Yeshua Hamashiach

The Holy Spirit.

i believe God is the Maker out of nothing.

Creator of Earth and Heaven



Planets and stars.

The Aleph and the Tav

Hebrew Alphabet (read from right to left)

The first and the last,

The Alpha and Omega.

From the flood to the foot of the Cross,

In the fiery furnace and on the fierce waves of Galilee.

This i Believe.

Human Beings, male and female, made in the imago Dei (image of God)

Separated from (YHWH) because of sin

Desperately needing to be forgiven.

Yeshua Hamashiach, miraculously, via the Holy Spirit,

born of a virgin birth, wrapped in the swaddling cloths for the dead.

Became the forgiveness for all time, died on the cross, paying the debt for sin and death.

The cross, the crown of thorns, crucified…

Resurrected, no longer dead, ALIVE, Risen- This is the God who loves the world!

This i Believe.

Loves the World, Loves His Bride, the church, Left the Holy Spirit to Comfort and Counsel.

Ascended to heaven to prepare a place for His Bride,

Is definitely coming back- because He said so.

This i Believe.



What do you think?

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