Our Finest Hour

This morning’s thought is about choosing a win for God and a win for yourself.

There is a scene in the movie “The Patriot” where Mel Gibson has noticed that the men he is fighting with are retreating from the battle.  He sees the flag lying on the ground, picks it up and starts waving it back and forth and runs towards the enemy line advancing.  It is at this point in the battle where the victory is won, the holding of the line, the will to win!

As I look around at the current situation and struggles we find ourselves in, I can’t help but think that the North American church is in the retreating stage of the battle.  We are attacked at every flank, and it seems like the only move to make is to retreat.  Hold On!  In the words of Gene Kranz about the possibility of Apollo 13 being the worst disaster in NASA history:

“I believe this is gonna be our finest hour.”

Gene Kranz played by Ed Harris in Apollo 13

What the church needs today are men to stop retreating and pick up the flag of Faith to halt the retreat, I do not believe the bride of Christ, the church to be a disaster, I believe we are coming into our finest hour, I believe that men are being awakened to the reality that faces us, we are at war and it is time to stop retreating.  In all respects it really is simple…but it is hard!

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