Molded by Mentors

I would like to dedicate this post to the mentors in my life who have shaped me the most as to the man who I am and the man I am becoming to this day.  This has been on my heart for some time, but I wanted to get it right and I wanted it to mean something, at least to me.  Here’s to the Mentors who have helped mold my faith, my character, and my passion for life!

Neil Anderson: If you have ever heard the term Freedom in Christ, Neil Anderson is one of the proponents for Christians being free from their past and realizing their true person-hood that is found in and through Christ.  Bondage Breaker is the book that helped shape Who I Am in Christ and allowed me to realize my true position as a follower of Jesus.  Thank you Neil for being faithful and true in your obedience and walk with God!

Brennan Manning: The first time I heard the term Ragamuffin, I had no idea the context in which I would find myself using this word.  But now it has become a staple in my faith!  Brennan’s humility and sincerity were a welcome breath of fresh air to my legalistic bend to Christianity.  I have learned to call upon God as Father and to just be me in this life that God has blessed me to live.  Thank you Brennan for being faithful and true in your obedience and walk with God!

John Eldredge: Wild at Heart, The Journey of Desire, to me these books are again life changers.  I have been challenged to step up and be the man I am and the man God wants me to be hugely in part to Ransomed Heart Ministries.  A few men and I have gone through our own Brother 2 Brother bootcamp using the videos from their live sessions.  I just finished Advanced bootcamp, and once again I have been challenged to a new level.  Thank you to John, Craig, Bart, Morgan and the rest of the team for being faithful and true in your obedience and walk with God!

Brian Klemmer: Apart from my last to mention mentor, Brian Klemmer and his interactive seminars completely transformed me.  Other than the change of heart that only God can do, Klemmer helped me see the change that is possible on a daily and moment by moment level.  These interactive seminars gave me an experience that I will never forget.  When Brian died unexpectedly a few years ago, I felt the loss of a brother and a fellow Compassionate Samurai.  Thank you Brian for being faithful and true in your obedience and walk with God!

Frank Melanson: Or as I like to call him- Dad!  To the man of faith like I have known no other, my father has been the true beacon of a transformed man.  Yeah, I know he is not perfect (he is a Leaf fan after all), but what I have learned from Dad is that God is bigger than all of our circumstances and any scenario we may find ourselves in.  When you have the simple trust in an Almighty God who says we can call Him Father, His Love is for us and He makes Himself known to us in the very simplest moments of life, all we have to do is ASK.  To the man who continues to walk by faith, Thank you Dad for being faithful and true in your obedience and walk with God.  I love you as your son and as a man who has been molded by you!

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