Am I dusty from the Rabbi?

I just read a statement by a fellow blogger that got me thinking about my friendship with God- this is what they wrote:

7000 followers, but how many friends?

I wonder if our approach to God has been similar to this- we follow God, but are we friendly with Him?  Wasn’t the command that Jesus pointed to as being the greatest: to Love God first and foremost, and wasn’t the new command he gave just before He was crucified to love one another- so the world will know that we are His disciples, His followers?  Jesus called his disciples friends, not slaves, friends…

What I like most about the disciples was that they were a community of believers, it wasn’t that they simply followed Jesus, they lived with Him, they ate with Him, they were in close quarters all the time (reminds me of Basic Training), they got to know the flow of life from the Creator of life.

Ray Vander Laan, author and teacher has a great lesson on discipleship:

Does the dust from the Messiah cover me because I am following so close, or can I only see the dust from a distance- my aim is to follow so close that I am unaware of how dusty I have become!

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