Meaning of Passover

A great read about Passover and understanding the upcoming Passover more clearly- April 15, 2014- Total Lunar Eclipse as well!


Shalom Chaverim (friends),

I’ve been revising our family Haggadah this year. Today while I was doing some housekeeping, I was listening to an old Bill Cloud teaching. He briefly touched on the Hebraic understanding of Pesach. I was excited because I’ve been praying that the Father would bring to my mind all those little details that are not only useful, but edifying to include in our Haggadah. This is one of those “little” details that I always seem to remember “after the fact”; so, I file it away for the next Pesach. Not this year!

The Hebrew meaning of the word Pesach is one of those pearls that often gets trampled underfoot. When you open your concordance or bible software to search out this most important word, it becomes more than a little confusing to the English speaking mind. Thus, we in the west have the old Ten Commandments movie’s…

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