ADDENDUM: Not 8 but 9 Tetrads!

As I have been reading Mark Biltz’s book- Blood Moons, there is an appointed tetrad that most research I have done has overlooked- it is the 1428-29 tetrad that fits the appointed times pattern of lunar eclipses falling on Biblical appointed times.  This can be verified on NASA’s website and the Torah calendar website.

08270  1428 Mar 31  08:21:15    279  -7072  103   T      
08271  1428 Sep 23  17:29:54    279  -7066  108   T      
08272  1429 Mar 20  23:02:11    278  -7060  113   T    
08273  1429 Sep 13  00:30:32    277  -7054  118   T

This would mean that the upcoming tetrad is not the 8th, but the 9th.  A friend of mine shared with me just yesterday about the meaning of the number 9 for the Hebrew- judgment and finality!

I am not sure why this tetrad has been overlooked by most of the research I have done, but it’s significance is huge.

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  1. Thanks for the addendum! It just so happens that 1428-1429 are the years Joan of Arc rallied France to turn the tide against England in the Hundred Years War. That was actually the turning point for the course of both nations, and arguably for all of Western Europe. For example, had it not happened the Reformation would have looked very different, the English colonies in America may not have developed as they did (or at all). I did a quick survey with your earlier post on the other dates of the Blood Moons and saw that there are historical connections of significance to Israel, either for Jews or for those of us grafted into Israel (commonly called Christians). It requires some knowledge of Russian, Turkish, and Byzantine history to see the significance, and I’m not sure I understand it all completely. Suffice it to say that this is not all hype! I don’t know what is going to happen, but clearly the Lord is wanting us to pay attention, watch, and pray.


    1. Thanks for the research and the update on the historical significance- I am with you as well, these things have happened and are happening again, not sure what to make of it, other than that God wants us to be obedient as I know my attention has certainly been adjusted to what only God can do and is doing!


    1. Jamin, read the comment by the Barking Fox author- Al McCarn, also if you get a chance, read Mark Biltz’s book Blood Moons, he explains a lot in this book.


  2. This is not Lunar Tetrad 8 or 9. Instead it is Lunar Tetrad #171 since the foundation of the world. Please read the “4 Blood Moons” PDF article which can be downloaded and read from the home page at Also, notice that there is an 11-page 7000 Year Canon of Total Lunar Eclipse Tetrads showing all the years where tetrads occur in the complete 7000 Year Plan of Elohim. We are now in Spiritual Year 6000 and Jubilee Year 120 begins this fall on Day 10 of Hebrew Month 7. Click on the “View Calendar” button at the top of the home page and you will see this month’s calendar. There, you can click on the eclipse icons to see where and how the upcoming lunar eclipse will appear. There is a 10 second animation there as well. Shalom!


    1. Thanks for the comment, I understand that this is not the 9th overall tetrad, however it is the 9th Appointed Times Tetrad since Yeshua was here from year 1CE until present time. Meaning that this set of total lunar eclipses falling on God’s feast days as set up in Leviticus 23. I know that there are other tetrads of course, but the significance of the connection between total lunar eclipses falling on God’s feast days and then something happening to Israel cannot be coincidental. At the very least it is a wake up call to the bigger picture and is interesting to say the least- well for me anyhow!
      Thanks for the link to torah calendar, it is a great tool for studying!


  3. I find that there is a significant 265,816 day difference between solar eclipse calculations and the actual JDay count as given on the 7000 Year Canon of Solar Eclipses
    For example: Solar Eclipse #07649 of June 15 763, is commonly called Bur-Sagale. It is assigned the JDay # 1442902.8426250 and is correctly given as having occurred on 28 Sivan 763BCE, on the 7000 Year Canon of Solar Eclipses.
    However, i find that is exactly 265,816 days more than the torah calendar site claims for this most important Solar Eclipse, at JDay # 2191300.
    This same discrepancy of 265,816 JDays occurr througout the present calcuations. For example: the Passover date for this year was on 14 Nisan, with a JDay # 2190946, but, the real JDay # 2456762, is also exactly 265,816 days more than calculated on the present color Torah Calendar for last April.
    Can this discreprancy, of 265,816 JDays, be explained?


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