What if I was Wrong?

Have you ever thought about the possibilities of everything that you knew up to this point in your life experience was wrong?  I try not to stay in the language of right and wrong, because too many arguments and disagreements have happened based upon the belief systems of right and wrong.  So I pose this as a thing to consider, what if what we believe is not the truth?  This can be about anything and everything- but I am focusing on how I have grown up thinking about the way I perceive things, or the way things are filtered through my eyes to my mind and then from my heart-

what if my filter has misled me?

What if I went through life and saw everything through the green glasses above?  My filter would tell me that we live in a very green and blah world, I would tell myself that everything is green- would I be right- Yes!  But would I be truthful- No!  My filter would be the distortion between my belief systems and what I consider to be right.

So, what if the color of the sky is not blue?  What if the grass is not green?  How I perceive life and the many experiences it presents offers a direct line of what I believe.  So I offer this as an alternative, what if my filters were wrong?  If that was the case, how do I know which filters are truth versus a lie?  Is there a standard that tells me what is truth and what is false?

I look forward to any suggestions and comments as they are welcome as always,





  1. Great questions! Since I experienced a major paradigm shift a little over a decade ago, I can attest to the fact that it is “scary” to remove those glasses at first. Seeing far more colors than one thought possible is a shocking experience. Especially since everyone else I knew wore the same lens. But, I say, be like Peter and step out of the boat! Many may protest when you tell them the trees are green, but truth is truth. And that truth is Torah (Ps. 119:142) AND Yeshua (John 14:6). For most my life, I could only see one side (or color); it was only when the two came together that the black and white turned to Technicolor. Which is also the patience of the saints (Rev. 14:12) Thanks for challenging us to look for the filter. Most of the time, we are unaware that we each are wearing a preconceived lens. What does the world look like when we take it off? It is the same and yet it is different. Perhaps, the appropriate term is that it is better, fuller, and more vivid.


    1. Very well said! I began looking at my filters about 8 years ago and I am amazed at how many keep showing up in my life. I enjoy seeing things differently and more vivid, just sometimes they can be intimidating to remove as they have become comfortable.


      1. I usually call these “filters” you refer to as “veils”. And you are right, there are many more than I imagined. It is intimidating to say the least, but I believe the Father asks us to keep peaking behind the curtain. Ironically enough, I read a post by Dr. Skip Moen (Today’s Word for 5/1/2014) that’s related to this just today! So, between your post and his, I was apparently meant to meditate on this topic! (Perhaps, there is another “veil” I need to pull back and take in.) 🙂


  2. The process of paradigm shifting started in my teen years. My spiritual upbringing was in a Baptist church and a Presbyterian school. I am most thankful to the Lord for the great things He did through both, but as with all human institutions there were shortcomings. On a weekly basis I was acquainted with the merits of free will on one side and of predestination on the other – and also with the deficiencies of each doctrine, depending on which teacher I was sitting under on any given day. Thanks to a very wise Bible teacher I learned to let the Word of God speak for itself rather than let a denominational doctrine shape my understanding. I still do not understand completely how free will and predestination work, but I know they do because God says so, and that they are not mutually exclusive. The Lord has explained the same thing about Law and Grace, and about many other things. May we all remain humble and teachable so He can strip away the filters completely!


    1. So true- remaining humble and teachable through the restructuring of filters. I find that it is easy to put on the filters of right/wrong when some of these filters get removed. I experienced that this week while talking about a subject that is close to me, but I automatically went into right/wrong versus truth/non truth. May our God continually shape us and keep us in His humility!


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