Best TV Tunes (well according to me anyways!)

I am an 80’s kid and grew up with classic TV.  I was listening to my tv tune playlist and figured I would create my own top 20 classic tv tunes list.  To start the 20 Best TV tunes, I think it would be fair to say that I will leave some out of this list as I haven’t watched all the TV shows ever made, but I will do my best to range the genre and the generational gaps that I have lived through, with that, here’s to the top 20 on my list:

#20- Diff’rent Strokes

#19- The Amazing Spiderman

#18- G I Joe (80’s cartoon)

#17- Leave it To Beaver

#16- Knight Rider

#15- The A-Team

#14- Magnum PI

#13- Laverne and Shirley

#12- The Office

#11- MacGyver

#10- Dukes of Hazzard

#9- Who’s The Boss

#8- Cheers

#7- The Muppet Show

#6- Gilligan’s Island

#5- Happy Days

#4- The Greatest American Hero

#3- Star Trek (Original,TNG)

#2- Fresh Prince of Bel Air

#1- Simon and Simon


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