After Weekend Observations- A.W.O: yet another acronym to simplify information in the world of overload!  Thought I would throw a few thoughts out there to get them from my mind to the screen.  As an observer of humanity and the world in which I am part there are a few things that I have concluded, no they are not deep and life changing, but maybe at least thought provoking and worthy of more conversation:

  • why does my need to be right outweigh my need for truth,
  • what makes it so difficult to love others more than self,
  • war, death, crime, and hate fill up the news headlines- WHY?
  • those who sacrifice for freedom are freely sacrificed for gain,
  • athletes are paid more than firefighters, law enforcement, military, EMT and health professionals- this just does not make sense to me!
  • Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams was a great movie! (watched for the 1st time this weekend)

Just a few of my after weekend observations, as always thanks for stopping by,



What do you think?

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