Voice of Truth

A question has been asked recently whether Satan can mimic God’s voice, the Voice of Truth.  Can the Father of Lies truly imitate the Voice of Truth? 

I began to agree with the statement because its reasoning sounded valid, “Of course, why couldn’t our enemy imitate the voice of God, to make us think we are hearing something we actually are not- why wouldn’t he throw us into a state of confusion!”

I am reminded of this scene from the series Band of Brothers:


Captain Sobel could not distinguish the difference between the true voice of Major Horton and the imitated voice, the results speak for themselves!

I have come to a conclusion based on Hebrews 3:7,8

So, as the Holy Spirit says:

“Today, if you hear his voice,

do not harden your hearts…

The Voice of Truth is the True Voice of God- which cannot be imitated or distorted.  Sure we can have doubts and questions as to whether or not we hear God’s Truth, but in order for that to happen we would have to be listening to it.  For me, I have discovered that I have had difficulty in listening to people, I took training from other people on how to listen. It is very hard to truly listen to someone’s thoughts.  Listening to God’s true voice requires us to know God- it is a friendship, a relationship, something that requires time and willingness.

As I was thinking about this today, I believe God directed me to this writing from John Eldredge- Listen Up.

My conclusion to this thought on whether Satan can mimic or imitate the true voice of God is this- “I don’t think Satan can mimic the truth or the voice of truth, I do believe that he can distort the truth, which is his way- to deceive.  I believe that he can throw doubts our way as to whether we hear God’s voice, and it is our choice to take those doubts captive to obedience.”

God’s true voice is one I long to hear and have heard on very few occasions, but I knew it was His… John 10:1-18 “and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice.

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  1. Hearing voices is pretty much the history of religion, isn’t it? One person’s “voice of god” is another person’s imagination, hallucination or wishful thinking. The only ” test” I can ever think of is, how does a person live their life? Then we may discover that an individual’s own loving, compassionate, just voice is what matters, not so much what may have been whispered thousands of years ago. But maybe I’m just a stranger’s voice to avoid. . .


  2. Chris, I wouldn’t say you are a stranger’s voice to avoid, but a welcome difference of perspective. Listening is something I have been working on for the past 10 years, it is very difficult to do with an unbiased approach. The choice I have made is to try and look at things through a truth/non-truth set of glasses rather than a right/wrong pair. Listening is part of that- what do I hear (interpret) as truth/non-truth according to what I define as truth. How I define truth will construct what I interpret as true/untrue. One of the things I learned in Basic training during our field exercise is that you can head magnetic North, grid North, or you can head True North depending on the declination. If you head North which North are you heading towards? http://geomag.nrcan.gc.ca/mag_fld/magdec-eng.php
    I always enjoy and appreciate your comments!


    1. Gracious as usual, Brandon. Thanks for your reply. I’m glad my comments aren’t scaring the woolly ones! Could I ask, how does one know they are hearing the “voice of God”? As you know, there are varieties of religious experience and many through the centuries have told us they heard something or someone. In your quest for what is true, does it always come back to the ancient word/voice of one book? What about the billions who say they hear a different word and a different voice? Curious.


      1. Great insights as always Chris- I think there will always be questions around the validity of what voice(s) others hear. There are always questions around what I tell myself, let alone what my culture is telling me. For me I am tired of what culture is telling me, because I see the results around me. So I am trying to listen to the voice of truth- I believe that ALL truth is God’s truth, that is the position I have taken, so whether it is 2+2=4 or the law of gravity, both are true whether I believe in them or not, so there is a truth in our world, I have just decided to believe that all truth derives from the voice of truth, for me- YHWH, Elohim, I AM.
        No need to be afraid of scaring my wooly ones, wool is not my fabric of choice!


  3. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. Revelation 3 v 20. ( John 10 v 1 to 5, Hebrews 3 v 7 to 8, etc.). God speaks to man in many ways, but very few actually do not listen to what God tells them in His way.
    In the still of the night as I pray and speak to God, I wait in silence to hear what God saith. As the dark clouds above departed, I heard the thundering of God’s mighty Voice and listened with humbleness of heart; “Blessed are they that hear, for by My Spirit I shall speak to My people, and they shall sing of My Glory who hear. By listening to My Voice, My people shall be filled with rejoicing and by their offerings of praise shall I bless them out of the pure riches of My Heart. They shall walk in the path of My delight who are pure of heart and they shall be called the children of the Most High.”


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