PETRA means Rock!

My favorite band of all time is Petra.  My first tape cassette was This Means War- a true classic in its own right.  I still remember making dad play the tape every time we got into the car to go anywhere, whether it was to the local store or on a long trip.  The songs still ring out in my mind and now on my iPod!  Classics like Kenaniah, All The Kings Horses, This Means War, He Came, He Saw, He Conquered…and then came Beyond Belief!  My all time favorite album, even today when I crank Beyond Belief, my wife and daughters cringe at the sound, but I revel in it!

So here is to my top 10 favorite Petra songs that inspire me and encourage me even to this day:





10. Let Everything That Has Breath






9. Yahweh Love


Beat The System





8. It is Finished






7. Back to the Street






6. Grave Robber


Beat The System





5. Beat the System






4. If I had to Die for Someone






3. He Came, He Saw, He Conquered






2. Adonai






1. Beyond Belief



Thanks again for stopping by,






    1. Steve Taylor was awesome! I wonder where Christian music (musicians) would be today if not for people like Taylor, Petra, and countless others who paved the way. You must have had the coolest Aunt growing up!!!


  1. Awesome Brandon! I was a huge Petra-maniac when I was a teenager. I would get impatient with our local Christian book store b/c whenever they had a new album come out they would order like two and run out before I got there to buy it on the same day. I swear, they did that EVERY time a new one came out. So here’s my top ten:

    10. “This Means War!” from This Means War! (Seems really cheesy now, but it’s so cool.)
    9. “Beyond Belief” from Beyond Belief (Maybe Love would tie with this one. Such a great tune.)
    8. “Minefield” from On Fire (I always thought the opening would be a great wrestler theme)
    7. “God Gave Rock n Roll to You” from Beat the System
    6. “Witch Hunt” from Beat the System
    5. “The Colouring Song” from Never Say Die (I’m still not sure why I like this one so much. Never Say Die was my first Petra album and I was horrified to hear this as the first song on my new “rock” album. But it grew on me big time.)
    4. “Fool’s Gold” from Back to the Street
    3. “It Is Finished” from Beat the System
    2. “Graverobber” from Not of this World
    1. “Rose Coloured Stained Glass Windows” from More Power To Ya

    But I have to admit that they’ve released some duds too. To me the worst of Petra would include Computer Brains, Why Should the Father Bother, and the very worst, I Can Be Friends With You, Again, I was 12-years-0ld getting my first “Christian rock” album and I hear this. Ugh…

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    1. Troy, your list is great! I can still see you doing your HULK a maniac impressions, so when you say you were a Petra maniac, well you see where the connection is going!! Petra definitely had some great ballads and some great rock tunes- I think one of favorite albums of all-time was their live album- Captured in Time and Space- took a while to get used to John Lawry’s Jesus keyboard solo, but other than that fun times!
      I think I am getting the need for some Petra right now- love your blog as well, you sure know your movies!

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