Everyone has an opinion

With the social media outlets of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress etc… everyone has an opinion.  Some opinions make sense, others, not so much.  My opinion makes perfect sense to me, therefore it must be truth!  Well it must be right!  Maybe somewhere in between being right and being truth, after all I would never believe I am lying to myself, (would I?  Of course I would never lie to myself) or that I would believe something wrong.

Opinions in my opinion are often based on something we have learned, heard, read, and resonated with our belief systems, whatever they may be, so in turn our opinion of something is right, truthful, according to our belief lenses- but what if my belief system is off target- what is on target to begin with?  Is this reality some matrix of our imagination???

Yes, everyone has an opinion, even I have an opinion, do I express them, yes by how I live.  For the most part I am an introvert, my expressions and thoughts are generally inward, toward self.  This blog, EsseRealis (Being Real) allows an outward expression of those thoughts.  Communication by words sometimes does not carry the tone in which one would like to communicate, but at the very least my thoughts are out, at least in my opinion…




  1. This is very true. We just moved to Northern Virginia and came bumper to bumper with everyone’s opinions-literally. They have them stuck all over their bumpers. Who they voted for, what they won’t eat, how many miles they’ve run, etc. So even if you don’t want to hear their opinion-they’re going to make you read it anyway. Thanks for sharing your opinion 😉 I enjoyed it very much.


    1. As a Canadian myself, we generally hold our opinions fairly close to our chest…or we blog about them! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I look forward to checking out your blog and your opinions!!


  2. Good reminders. Reminds me of the meaning of Ortho-dox: “Right/Correct Opinions.” I suppose that’s why I’ve been Hetero-dox for a long time! Perspectives. . .so many perspectives.


    1. Thanks Chris, I always appreciate opinions that make me think- my problem is when I get into right/wrong and I try to debate my opinion, personal growing goal for myself!


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