I Saw The Sign

So, no this post is not about the one hit wonder song by Ace of Base, it is however about signs that opened up my eyes.

Thanks to science, math, and smarter people than I, today we are able to view the solar system in forwards and reverse.  The program I use is Stellarium. (free download too!)  It is pretty fascinating to go through time and view what was going on in the sky and to what historical events things were connected to.

On a side note one of the things that has really irked me lately is that people who follow the teachings of Jesus seem to ignore/neglect/be deceived to the concept of God’s calendar (which is both lunar and solar, not solely lunar as the Islamist calendar, nor strictly solar as the Gregorian).  God’s calendar lines up His festivals that correspond with both the solar and lunar timetables- we should not be ignorant, nor ignore them.  Hebrew Calendar, and Torah Calendar are 2 good resources.

This past year has been an experiment for me to follow the calendar that God established, it has been different but enlightening for sure.  This year, 2015 is pretty significant when you begin to align with God’s timings and signs in the heavens.  Have a look at these charts as designed by Scott Clarke of ERF Ministries:

Do you see the signs?  Do you see the patterns?  I have no idea what is going to happen, if anything, however I do not want to be ignorant of what God may be trying to say to us, especially as they correlate to His Feast days- that to me is the significance in all of this- these signs in the heavens occurring on the calendar that He established- when you follow man’s calendar you miss the connection, but on God’s calendar, these signs highlight something special.

I know there are skeptics, doubters, smarter people than I, and to be honest I don’t really care, I am thick skinned, after all I am a prison and military chaplain.  I believe that 2015 is shaping to be the year that God is silent no longer and that the world will know who is the true and only God (JHWH).  Keep looking up and remember who set the stars and heavens into motion!



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  1. Preach it, Brother! Signs say, “Pay attention! Something is about to happen!” They don’t say exactly what is going to happen. And I suppose that’s they way the Creator designed it – otherwise we would never bother to ask Him for understanding!

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