Sub Culturally Yeshua

photo credit of above chart: Scottie Clarke of ERF Ministries

Joe Amaral author of Understanding Jesus

Joe Amaral- First Century Foundations

Ray Vander Laan- Follow the Rabbi

The above resources from Joe Amaral and Ray Vander Laan offer considerable insights into the Hebrew roots of Jesus the Messiah (Yeshua is the Hebrew name of Jesus; Hamashiach is Hebrew for the Messiah).

For me it has been a journey of the past 10 years of discovering the Hebrew roots and meanings behind the Christian faith that I have proclaimed for the most part of my life. 

What I have discovered is that there is so much more depth and understanding when I began to look into the cultural part of Yeshua, rather than accepting what the North American post reformational theological Christian culture had to say.  For instance- did you know that Martin Luther was anti-semitic (anti Jewish-theologically speaking) in his writings?  Yet his teachings are hailed as an historical turning point for the church.

How can you truly know Yeshua and ignore the cultural side that He not only took part of, but also established?

One of the deeper questions that I have come to ask myself, (thanks also to Mark Biltz) is: Does God have a Calendar, and if so, what does his calendar look like compared to our current calendar?

Genesis 1:14 says: Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years;


Leviticus 23:1,2: The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 2 Speak to the people of Israel and say to them: These are the appointed festivals of the Lord that you shall proclaim as holy convocations, my appointed festivals.

Continue to read Leviticus 23 and you have a timeline in which to follow, a calendar per se, which is not solely solar based (Gregorian– the calendar we follow) or solely lunar based (Islam follows this strictly).  God’s calendar is based on both solar and lunar schedules.

Hebrew month corresponds days feasts
1. Nissan March/April 30 14. evening: Passover (Seder meal)15. – 21.: Feast of unleavened bread16. in the morning: Presenting of the Firstfruit
2. Iyar April/May 29
3. Sivan May/June 30 6.: Schavuot
4. Tammuz June/July 29
5. Av July/August 30
6. Elul August/September 29
7. Tishri September/October 30 1.: The feast of trumpets (Rosh Hashana)10.: Yom Kippur15. – 21.: Succoth
8. Cheshvan October/November 30 or 29
9. Kislev November/December 30 or 29 25.-
10. Tevet December/January 29 – 2.: Hanukkah (rededication of the temple)/1. Maccabees + Judith
11. Schewat Januar/Februar 30
12. Adar February/March 29 14.: Purim/Esther

The above is retrieved from:

So God’s calendar as established above is perfectly timed with the sun and the moon and the seasons.

Yeshua kept the Biblical appointed times of God (Moedim) as established in Leviticus 23So, why have the followers of Yeshua stopped following these appointed times?  Just a question…

I mean we in the North American Christian culture (European and worldwide I suppose as well) don’t even keep the Sabbath (Saturday), and we surely don’t follow the Passover time when Yeshua died- we call that Good Friday and Easter Sunday (Gregorian or Christian calendar).  This year (4 April , 2015) Passover and Easter actually coincide with each other and there is a total lunar eclipse on the Sabbath of Passover.

What I am afraid of is that the church of today has been so sidetracked to the reality of God’s calendar, that when God speaks through signals and signs- we have no idea the connection to the true reality of God’s calendar and God’s signs and signals.  It is like someone signaling Morse code, but the person witnessing Morse code doesn’t understand what the signals mean, to them they are but lights or sounds flashing in a random fashion.

We need to wake up to the reality we live in…for when the signals happen we as witnesses need to understand what they mean, not ignorant to the time in which we live.

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Further Research:

It’s Time to Get on God’s Calendar by Don Finto



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