Being Real: No Longer Christian…

Yes, that is correct, I have decided that I am no longer Christian…

The term Christian today, in our multi-cultural, multi-faith, global togetherness, no longer carries the significance that it once did in the early days of Antioch (Acts 11:26):

And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.

Christian as an adjective is defined “of or relating to Jesus Christ or the religion based on his teachings.”

Let that sink in for a moment!

I like the way Christian as a noun is defined better: “a person who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

But let’s be honest, for the most part Christianity is grouped as a world religion, and when a person refers to themselves as a Christian, they are saying that is the religion they are associated with.

World Religions from wikipedia, released to public domain

The problem I have with today’s Christianity is this- you can be Roman Catholic and be Christian, you can be Baptist and be Christian, you can be Mormon and be Christian, you can be Jehovah’s Witness and be Christian, you can be Protestant, Calvinist, Evangelist and be Christian, you can be Luthern, Reformed or Methodist and be Christian, you can be straight or LGBT and be Christian, you can be anything you want, and be Christian!  Wikipedia lists over 41,000 denominations in the Christian religion!

Christianity as a religion never even began with Yeshua.  That should be our first thing to question, he called His followers, disciples, servants, and then He called them friends.

So where does that leave me…

I am not Jewish, but I follow Yeshua, who came and lived as a Jew, followed the appointed times of Adonai (Biblical Feasts- moedim), celebrated Passover, followed and fulfilled Torah, washed the feet of his disciples, was baptized, turned water into wine, healed the sick, raised the dead, walked on water, calmed the storm, fed over 5000 people with loaves and fish, was beaten, was crucified on a cross, crowned King of the Jews, died, was buried…

Resurrection Sunday, no longer dead, but alive, appeared to the disciples, commissioned, then ascended…

And Coming Again…

No I am not Christian, and I do not follow a religion.  I am however, a follower of Yeshua Hamashiach, the son of God and son of man, I believe in the Messiah, and I am not a Jew, I am Gentile, therefore, I am a Messianic Gentile.

And that is why I am no longer Christian!





  1. Interesting post, Brandon. As a teacher of religion for years, I find it fascinating, these ways we re-define or re-label ourselves. We all do it in one way or another.

    A pastor friend of mine defines himself as a “Follower of Jesus.” I kind of like that, because I see the way he lives–with compassion and love for others. What he calls himself is really secondary.

    My question is, if to follow means to show that love in our lives, does it matter what we call ourselves? Personally, I’ve seen people of many faiths and no faith live that loving life. I find that wonderful and encouraging, don’t you? I can’t imagine any loving deity condemning a person who loves, can you?

    I’m a Secular person, but I’m a bit troubled when you question the sincerity of beliefs of all those people (Catholic, Baptist, etc). Who’s to judge? Actually, we can all “judge” in some sense, can’t we? We see how they live their lives.

    Stimulating post.


    1. Chris, I do like your friend’s perspective of being a “follower of Jesus”, it gives definition to the life of faith he is living, and I have used it as well.
      That is what I have found lacking with the definition of Christian today- no context to the life of faith that Christianity has derived from, it has become religion, and not in the truest context of that word.
      You ask if it matters what we call ourselves, and I would say yes, as I believe you do as well, or else you would not call yourself a “secular chaplain/person”.
      My intention is not to judge/question the sincerity of others, but rather myself. My role is not to judge, although it is easy to fall into that seat every now and again, my role is to obey the greatest commandment, which you have outlined as love- to which I fully agree!
      A Messianic Gentile gives context to how I want to live out my faith, whereas in my perspective, Christianity as a religion no longer gives context on how to live my faith.
      I am not in this to see a right/wrong outcome, but rather questioning what has been in order to deepen my faith as a follower of Yeshua, in the cultural context in which I find myself.
      Always appreciate your comments and our conversations- very stimulating indeed!


      1. I think I see where you’re coming from, Brandon. Actually, this describes me about 40 years ago. Very active in a messianic house church in the seattle area. Then, through Jewish friends, I discovered they were quite offended by my blend of two religions. I came to see that I was disrespecting Jews by saying Jesus was their messiah (and they need to be saved and become Christians) and I was disrespecting Christians who felt that Jesus brought a message that was somehow better than the “old” beliefs. As I studied more religions and met many more people who believed differently, my sense of being a Christian/Follower of Jesus became more inclusive, wider and I think more loving. Eventually, I dropped all those labels when I decided it was just best (and more honest for me) to be a human being among human beings. Religious labels of any kind just seemed too divisive of the human family and we all have to live together on a very small planet!
        Anyway, that’s more than you need to know or hear! I’m just saying that it seems to me the smaller our circle and more exclusive our labels the more I feel that isn’t helpful to bring communities together. Secular works for me, as does Freethinker. But the best is simply: Chris, a human being. Hey, and so is Brandon!
        Peace across all borders.

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  2. Hopefully, Brandon, one day you will be able to say, “I am not longer a worshiper of an idol, the deified man of Christianity, but from now on and forevermore my allegiance is to the G-d of Israel and Him alone”. Behatslacha!


    1. Gene, thanks for the comment, but I am a Yeshua follower, and I do believe Adonai sent His only son Yeshua so that we all have access to Abba Father. I do follow the greatest commandment and that is where I start each and every day.


      1. ” I do believe Adonai sent His only son Yeshua so that we all have access to Abba Father. ”

        Brandon – can you show me that “only son Yeshua” in the Hebrew Bible? Jews (myself included) would tell you that he’s nowhere to be found – a pure invention of a religion that idolized a human being and redirected worship from the G-d of Israel to a creature.

        However, G-d does indeed have a firstborn son – it’s the people of Israel whom the Christians persecuted for the last two thousand years, and not Jesus the idol worshiped by them:

        “Then say to Pharaoh, ‘This is what the L-rd says: Israel is my firstborn son, and I told you, “Let my son go, so he may worship me.” But you refused to let him go; so I will kill your firstborn son.'”” (Exodus 4:22)

        You see, Christians sought to replace just about everything that Israel held dear:

        – It replaced the One G-d of Israel with a three-headed god unknown to the Jewish people, violating the Shema.
        – It replaced the Torah of G-d with “law of Christ” (per Paul), a law of a human being. It has spurned the Torah of G-d as outmoded “schoolmaster”. Even the called “messianic Jews” do not observe Torah but do whatever feels right to them (I know, I was myself one once).
        – It replaced the Jewish people with the Church (composed of “believing” Jews and Gentiles, per Paul, the “Israel of G-d”). “True Jews”, as Paul would say, are only those Jews who worship Jesus only. The rest are cut off, unless they too join the idolatry of man-worship.
        – It replaced Israel’s sonship and first born status with that of one man Jesus, claiming that all promises are now fulfilled in Jesus, making Jesus the “true Israel”, or “one man Israel”.
        – It replaced the Tanakh with the “New Testament”, claiming that the old was there to only show us the way to the new. No wonder that all Christians and Messianics read the Hebrew Bible as an afterthought, through the lens of the NT, backwards, and mostly for the purpose of trying to find Jesus there. Nobody tells the potential Christian converts to start with the Genesis!

        I’ve created many posts on my blog dealing the the above. You are welcome to read and comment. Be well.


      2. Gene, thanks for your thoughts, here is what I have to start:
        Isaiah 7:14 Therefore Adonai Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin will conceive. When she is giving birth to a son, she will call his name Immanuel. (TLV)
        You are correct, the church has been horrendous to the firstborn of G-d, I myself am just beginning to question much of what has been Constantinian Christianity for the past 16-1700 years. I love studying the moadim G-d set up in Leviticus 23.
        I look forward to reading many of your posts, on a side note- what do you do with the man of Yeshua- where is his place in history?


  3. “Isaiah 7:14 Therefore Adonai Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin will conceive. When she is giving birth to a son, she will call his name Immanuel. (TLV)”

    Brendon…. I am glad that you started with this passage. It will help me show you the error of Christianity, how it twisted and perverted the Hebrew Bible:

    Lets trying answering the following questions. When reading Isaiah 7 in context:

    1. Who is the sign in Isaiah 7 addressed to? Is it addressed to people in some distant future, many hundreds of years from when the prophecy was made, or to people living during the time of Isaiah 7?

    2. Assuming for a moment that Matthew’s mistranslation of “almah” is correct (it’s not), how can a “virgin birth” be a miraculous sign as Christianity claims? In other words, if Matthew’s sign of virgin birth is miraculous, how can a “virgin birth” be a legitimate sign if this sign is totally unverifiable by anyone except by the woman herself? If a young woman gives birth to a child and claims “that she didn’t know a man“, who can possibly ascertain that this woman did not have a perfectly natural sexual intercourse leading to the pregnancy but something truly miraculous took place instead?

    3. Who is the “son” that was to be born? Who is this child that was to be a sign? Was this child Jesus, as the author of Matthew would have his readers believe, a child to be born hundreds of years later, or was it Isaiah’s own child, as clearly described in the next chapter, which also ties Isaiah’s son with the fulfillment of the prophecy in regards to the two kingdoms prophesied about in chapter 7?

    Isaiah 8:3. And I was intimate with the prophetess, and she conceived, and she bore a son, and the Lord said to me, “Call his name Maher-shalal-hash-baz.

    Isaiah 8:4. For, when the lad does not yet know to call, ‘Father’ and ‘mother,’ the wealth of Damascus and the plunder of Samaria shall be carried off before the king of Assyria.”

    Isaiah 8:18. Behold, I and the children whom the Lord gave me for signs and for tokens in Israel, from the Lord of Hosts, Who dwells on Mount Zion.

    “what do you do with the man of Yeshua- where is his place in history?”

    Brendon, from a Jewish point of view. Jesus’ place in history is that of a false prophet and a false messiah, one in the long history of false prophets and false messiahs. The difference is that he become an idol, a demigod worshiped by billions. Although he obviously didn’t intend to create Christianity, nonetheless for the last two thousand years there has been a religion which worshiped him, a mortal human being instead of the G-d of Israel. If you read the Torah and the prophets, Brendon, you will realize how abhorrent the idea that a creature is being worshiped. Every second you continue in it, is another second you are participating in idolatry.


    1. Thanks for your comments Gene, as for me following a false god in Yeshua, I am glad that you have that authority to determine so. Last I checked, accordingly so, Yeshua performed all of the 4 miracles of the proclaimed Messiah of Israel that the authorities would accept (healing a leper, casting out a mute demon, healing a man born blind, and raising someone from the dead after 4 days- Lazarus). Not to mention the resurrection of Yeshua. I am of the opinion if you can explain everything, then your god is in a very small box. Elohim, Yeshua ben Elohim cannot be boxed- that is my faith so I choose. I do not have it altogether, far from it, but each and everyday I try and live by the greatest- Love God first and foremost, love neighbor as myself.


      1. Brendon, I noticed how you completely avoided even considering my example from Isaiah, where I showed you how Christianity blatantly ripped out of context all of its “fulfilled prophecies” about its demigod. (There are MANY more such examples). If you choose to continue to believe the lies you have inherited from your spiritual Christian forefathers, believing the Greek Testament while ignoring what the G-d of Israel warned about in the Hebrew Bible, it’s your call. Today, you are free to choose between the G-d of Israel and the “man-god” of Christianity. However, if you want to one day stand shamed-faced with the multitudes of others who likewise bowed their knee to a creature and a false god of Christianity, the choice is completely yours.

        Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. (Psalm 146:3)

        To you (Hashem) shall the nations come from the ends of the earth and say: “Our fathers have inherited nothing but lies, worthless things in which there is no profit. Do people make their own gods? Yes, but they are not gods!” (Jeremiah 16:19-20


      2. Gene, it’s not that I avoided your example from Isaiah, we are just looking at things through different belief systems. What I believe is different than you- you see Yeshua as a false god, I do not, I see Adonai, the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac as the Father to the Son- Yeshua- Yeshua said that anyone who confesses him before men, then He will confess them to His Father. If you so choose to judge my belief system and condemn me, that is the difference between you and I- I have no place to judge, not my job, my job is obedience- the greatest commandment says to Love Adonai first, neighbor and self second, the Shema- this is what I choose. I do appreciate your point of view, but I do not share it, and much to your shagrin, I will never not acknowledge Yeshua as Son of God and Son of Man- He is, was and always will be the Messiah!
        In peace,


  4. “Gene, it’s not that I avoided your example from Isaiah, we are just looking at things through different belief systems. ”

    Belief systems must be tempered by facts staring us in the face, especially those found in G-d’s own Word, the Hebrew Bible – that’s why G-s gave human being intellect. You don’t wan to examine the Word of G-d to see if your belief system is built on sand, because you are afraid. You are afraid of being “eternally damned” by Jesus for not believing and worshiping that demigod. But make not mistake, if you choose to ignore the Word of G-d so that you can continue in idolatry even when presented with evidence, you are making a conscious choice between G-d and an idol. You are more afraid of a man in the Greek Testament than Hashem of Israel. As it says:

    “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the L-rd is kept safe.” (Proverbs 29:25)

    “I will never not acknowledge Yeshua as Son of God and Son of Man- He is, was and always will be the Messiah!”

    I thought like that once for many years, but then I realized that I made a grave mistake and betrayed my Maker by bowing in worship to a created being. Since then, MANY people have repented of their idolatry and shame. You said in your post above that you don’t want to be a “Christian” anymore, but as long as you worship the god of the Christians and uphold their “scriptures” above the Word of G-d (the Hebrew Bible) you still very much are one.


      1. “Not a Christian, but Messianic Gentile!”

        There’s really no difference, Brendon, just a name. Many “normal” Christians follow “Biblical feasts”, think Jews are “G-d’s people”, oppose “replacement theology” and support Israel. Whole denominations even worship on Saturdays in their churches. However, what truly make a Christian is the exact thing that makes a “Messianic Gentile” – believing in Jesus, worshiping and being saved by him. The fact is, you DO follow a Christian religion, even if you wish to think otherwise. You believe in all of the “core” doctrines of Christianity (Trinity, salvation by faith in Jesus, “the body of Christ”, etc). and accept the New Testament (which was put together by the Roman church and voted on by Catholic Church councils) as the “word of god”.


      2. There is a difference to me. What frightens me most about reading your reply’s is that you have an answer to everything. I have more questions than answers, I do not know all about God and His plans, but you seem to know all about it. Granted your experience in theology and religion is taken in context, but you have a view of Yeshua that is also 2000 years removed, so what makes your view of Yeshua truth and those who follow Him not true?
        I am sure you will have an answer, and that doesn’t bother me, I am not about to change my perspective no matter what answer you give, that is where faith has to play a part for me, and I have no answer or explanation for faith, it just is, some have it, some don’t. They allow reason and rationalization to compensate for their lack of faith. Whereas those who have faith are viewed as less rational, well don’t really care what others think for the first part, and second, we all have faith in something or someone, most is misplaced in the wrong something or someone.


      3. Brendon, it’s not about me having an “answer to everything”. It’s about not betraying the G-d of Israel (and of the Universe) by worshiping a creature, a mortal and dead man, as god, which is idolatry, an act that G-d has warned about in strongest terms in His Word. That’s what makes the view (about G-d) of the Jewish people true (and not merely my own opinion) – they know what the Bible says and the also know the consequences of idolatry. Faith does not cancel out truth, otherwise one could say that all religions may be true because they all have faith. If you truly consider the Hebrew Bible to be truth, you would seek in it what G-d thinks about worshiping anyone but Him alone. Then you will realize that you have been sinning against G-d, having embraced the idolatrous teachings of the Christian religion that gives honor to an idol, and when you do, you will seek to repent.


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