Being Real: ATV-ing!

I love an adventure, especially when that adventure involves friends and 4 wheelers!

my 2005 Honda 400FGA GPScape Canadian Trail Edition


Some of the greatest places on earth can only be discovered while on an ATV.  We have come across lakes, waterfalls, wild life, and people that we would have otherwise missed.

our spring run, nice apple blossoms!


Our next adventure is about to happen, in fact one week from now I will be out on the trails, where my soul comes alive.  Exploring new trails, hopefully catching fish, and enjoying the wilderness air that peaks imagination and exploration.

The trails we explore

One of the things I appreciate about being on the trails is the solitude and silence of nature.  Some of the things you come across are both surprising:

fire got the best of this camp…


spring run off- falls were running pretty fast

and awesome:

hawk of some sort, don’t want to mess with those talons

The time spent on the trails, in the woods, fishing the lakes is a great refresher to the soul and one that I am looking forward to.  It is one of the adventures that is best done with friends.

our fall run, less buggy, right before hunting season opens, and great temps make this the best time of the year for a run in the woods!

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