Being Real: Frustrated…

Not sure if I will ever publish this post, but here is one for the books-

The more I have been studying about the Hebrew culture of Yeshua (Jesus), the more I am becoming frustrated with where the North American Western church is.  I know that I am part of the problem, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be part of the solution as well!

I recently posted about how I am no longer Christian, but a Messianic Gentile, some people got it, some people didn’t.  What matters to me is not that other people get it, but that I get it- I am not responsible for your belief systems, but I am responsible for what I have been accounted with.

messianic seal
Ancient Messianic Seal

I am frustrated on how the church views the Biblical Appointed Times of YHWH (Moedim)- for the most part we don’t, but the ones we do, we take the Constantine version and Christian-ize it into something that fits our current worldview, which is so far from the context of understanding what the Moedim are about.

The Moedim are Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Penetecost (Spring feasts), Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles (Fall feasts).  These are Adonai ordained times, Yeshua kept them, his followers kept them, the early church kept them…The modern, post modern church, does not keep them, or even know about them for the most part!

God’s calendar follows both solar and lunar cycles, and Sabbath is Saturday.  Days are from evening until morning, the week is from Sunday-Saturday.  There are signs accompanying these timings based on God’s calendar, but we in the North American, Western worldview of following Yeshua have no clue as to what is really going on.  If God is trying to warn us, we are interpreting those warnings as something completely different.

To test my theory:

I am frustrated with the way we have managed our resources- how many billions/trillions? are wrapped up in buildings?

According to Canadian Church Directory there are over 19000 churches in Canada.

Now imagine with me that the average church building costs $300,000 (cannot find the true average, but I figure that this number is relatively on the low scale), how much money alone has been spent on building churches?

$5,700,000,000 billion dollars

That is just the cost of building, not maintaining, and that is just Canada!

In America, according to the Hartford Institute there are 350,000 congregations.  Now imagine that the average church building in the US costs $300,000 to build (again very low estimate), what is the cost of buildings alone in the US for churches?

$ 105,000,000,000 billion dollars

Money in perspective

I understand that people need a place to gather, the early church met in synagogues and homes, it was only thanks to Constantine who threw out everything that had a Hebrew flavor to it, that the followers of Yeshua adopted substitutes for the Moedim, for the calendar, the synagogues, the Jews.

I am part of this problem, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be part of the solution!

True community has averted me most of my church going life, the only time I felt true community was when I was part of cell church plant that met in homes of other people on a weekly basis.  I was part of something alive, something real… it was what I thought church should be-real!

I am sure there will be people who are reading this post and are frustrated with me and my views.  I understand the comfortable culture we have established as the church (I grew up in it), it is so comfortable that we are focused on stats, people in the pews- the most famous leaders of the church are those with the largest buildings and the most people through the doors on a given weekend- sounds like a great business model to me- maybe Darwin is right- the strongest survive… but I thought we were to not live on bread alone?

I thought the church was not about entertaining, but about following Yeshua, and if that is the case, he only had 12.

I am frustrated because I love what Yeshua’s bride could be… but unfortunately, looking at our current results, we are not.  I am part of this problem, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be part of the solution!





    1. That is what it makes it so frustrating and alarming at the same time! But I believe there is a wave of change coming through the ranks as we want the real Messiah, not our traditionally customized one that fits what we want!


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