Being Real: More Questions than Answers

Writer, historian, and philosopher.

I have more questions than answers, some have been stirring for years, others more recently, and some, well they are just that- questions!  For example:

Great question!  However, asking questions is not just about the question, it is about formulating an idea that questions the norms of reality-

Thank you Boromir!

Questions have become almost a taboo in some circles because those questions may threaten the status quo, to this reason I believe it is more important than ever to ask the tough questions:

hmmm, deep!

Questions are not meant to inspire the same solution to all problems, they are in fact meant to inspire outside the box resolutions to everyday problems:

Albert Einstein, I believe he was sort of a smart fellow!

I am quite hesitant in giving answers, simply because I do not know everything there is to know, (yes that is a surprise to some of you I know!!)  It is that questions help inspire thinking, whereas some answers imply right/wrong or better win/lose scenarios.

Our society is increasingly changing and as the change occurs, many questions arise that challenge the status quo, or the comfort of society as a whole.  Our society is in a state of flux (a good Star Trek word) and the more the norms change, the more the state of flux.

flux: a series of changes : continuous change

Poet, Playwright, and Publisher

Questions- most definitely; answers, not so much…being open to dialoging the questions- always!  Entering into a right/wrong conversation- not worth the time or energy, looking for win/win situations- worth the time and energy!









What do you think?

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