Being Real: Back to the Shema

First of all- what is the Shema?
Shema is the Hebrew word for ‘Hear’ and is referred to as the prayer found in Deuteronomy 6:4-9  
Sh’ma, Yisra’el! Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai echad [Hear, Isra’el!Adonai our God, Adonai is one]; and you are to love Adonai your God with all your heart, all your being and all your resources. These words, which I am ordering you today, are to be on your heart; and you are to teach them carefully to your children. You are to talk about them when you sit at home, when you are traveling on the road, when you lie down and when you get up.Tie them on your hand as a sign, put them at the front of a headband around your forehead, and write them on the door-frames of your house and on your gates. Deuteronomy 6:4-9
There are many things going on today and it is easy to hang our hats on things that really don’t matter much.  Like getting into right and wrong arguments, pushing agendas of value and belief systems, padding the stats which make us look good, building an empire of wealth, the list could go on.
reciting the Shema
But where is love for Adonai, I see a lot of love for neighbor and self, perhaps not in that order.  But love for God, what does that look like?
I was speaking recently with someone who asked me what I thought of the following question- “Why did God allow the tsunami in Japan to happen?”  That is a pretty loaded question and my thoughts on that are quite simply, there is not so much love for God today, but I do find a lot of blame of God.  Blaming God seems to be the scapegoat for truly grasping the Love of, and for God.
Here is Yeshua’s response to a question when asked about the most important commandment in the Torah- notice how he quotes from the Shema.

 “Rabbi, which of the mitzvot in the Torah is the most important?” 37 He told him, “‘You are to love Adonai your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.’[c] 38 This is the greatest and most important mitzvah. 39 And a second is similar to it, ‘You are to love your neighbor as yourself.’[d] 40 All of the Torah and the Prophets are dependent on these two mitzvot.” Matthew 22:36-40

The Shema is foundational as Yeshua said, so then I would have to say that if the Shema is the foundation of the Torah, the Torah would (should) be the foundation of life for a follower of Yeshua.

Matthew 5:17,18 CJB-

 “Don’t think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to complete. Yes indeed! I tell you that until heaven and earth pass away, not so much as a yud or a stroke will pass from the Torah — not until everything that must happen has happened. CJB

So why is it that most Christians are afraid of what the Torah says?  Why has the Christian culture re-defined what Adonai has set out in His law.  One of the things that makes me disgusted with the ideology of Christian thought today is that we try and cover everything with Grace.  Think about that for a moment…

Since Adonai never changes, then His Grace was just as sufficient 4000 years ago as it is now!  What changed was the sacrificial system, not the Torah.  The sacrifice Yeshua paid was a once for all deal, it was to complete Torah, not destroy it.  So when we try to say that we are now under Grace, we have always been under Grace, this is not a new concept to God, but because of the cross and death of Yeshua, we no longer sacrifice, because Yeshua did in fact seal the deal as the Passover Lamb.

I think it is high time for followers of Yeshua to get back to the Shema and get back to the Torah, not for salvation, but for foundational living as a true follower of Yeshua!

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