Being Real: Open Conversation with God

Adonai, Today I would ask for the strength to choose

Love over Hate

Faith over Doubt

Others over Self

Right over Wrong

Truth over Lies

Light over Darkness

Life over Death

Good over Evil

Patience over Anxiety

Honesty over Deception

Trust over Suspicion

Belief over Uncertainty

Authentic over Fabricated

Courage over Hesitation

Morality over Immorality

Devotion over Depravity

Responsibility over Victim

Serving over Harming

Humility over Pride

Adonai, please give me the strength today to choose You over me.




1 Comment

  1. A good list of choices there, Brandon. And, no surprise, with the exception of “faith” and “belief” I would choose the same qualities/virtues that you seek. I guess that’s part of why chaplains become chaplains? Thanks for sharing your prayer.

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