Short Story: Freddy and the Worm

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Once upon a time, far, far, away, there was a big blue lake in the middle of an old country town named Gill-ville.  Now in this big blue lake in the town of Gill-ville lived many, many fish.  Some of these fish were as big as you could imagine, and some of these fish were so small you had to use a spy glass to see them.

One of smaller fish was a young trout named Fred, but his friends called him Freddy.  Freddy loved adventure and was curious about every little thing he came in contact with.  He and his best friend, Minnow Mikey had many adventures together.

Photo Credit:  Mike Trout Cartoon

Now Minnow Mikey was one of the smaller fish in the big blue lake in Gill-ville, but he was also one of the smartest and kindest fish that there ever was!  The smartest fish in the lake however, was Wise Ole Walleye, he had been around the lake more than a few times and knew much about everything, especially when it came to the Land-Things!

Freddy was not scared of the Land-Things, in fact he was ever more curious about them the more he talked about them with Minnow Mikey and Wise Ole Walleye.

Now on a day like all days before, Freddy and Mikey were out adventuring and exploring the big blue lake, but this day would be different.

When Freddy and Mikey were swimming along, out of the corner of their eyes they spotted one of the Land-Things on shore, so as curious as Freddy was, he swam closer to get a better look.  As he was swimming closer he came across a big, fat, juicy worm!

(Now there is one thing you need to know about young Freddy and Mikey- they absolutely loved to eat worms.  Worms filled their tummies and it gave them the strength and energy to swim far and fast.)

As Freddy and Mikey saw the big, fat, juicy worm, Seaweed Sam, a sly and sneaky slithering seaweed began to stir up trouble for Freddy. 


Wow, doesn’t that fat, juicy worm look tasty Freddy?” said Seaweed Sam.

Yeah it sure does!” replied Freddy.

Minnow Mikey wasn’t sure about what was going on as the worm seemed too far from the shoreline, “Freddy, I don’t think it is such a good idea?

No sooner had Mikey spoken, when Seaweed Sam dared Freddy with a challenge, “I dare you Freddy to go and grab that big juicy worm, and bring it back here, but if you are afraid, I will just call you Afraidy Freddy from now on!

Now Freddy, being the brave, young fish that he was, had very little clue to the dangers that might be lying behind that fat juicy worm, and with a quick swish of his tail, Freddy was off like a flash swimming towards the worm.


Minnow Mikey and Wise Ole Walleye both saw Freddy swimming towards the worm and yelled at Freddy to stop…but it was too late, Freddy was hooked!

Freddy was trying to swim away from the worm, but one of the Land Things was reeling Freddy in, and there was nothing he could do, he tried tugging and shaking, but nothing was working.  

Then Freddy disappeared out of the water and Minnow Mikey and Wise Ole Walleye were sad.

Now the Land Thing that the fish in the big blue lake were afraid of had a name, his name was Paul Lock, and he was so excited to have a fish on the end of his line.  When he reeled in Freddy, he was a little disappointed, because Freddy was too small to keep and would need to be released.  So Paul unhooked Freddy and threw him back into the big blue lake.

When Freddy hit the water he took off immediately towards Minnow Mikey and Wise Ole Walleye, and they were so happy to see that Freddy was not caught by one of the Land Things.

Meanwhile Seaweed Sam was laughing at Freddy and making fun of him for being caught, but Freddy and his friends just swam by and ignored Seaweed Sam.

When Freddy got back home he had realized for the first time that he was going to be scarred on his lip for the rest of his life because of what the hook had done.  The scar would be a constant reminder to Freddy to think before he acted and to listen to his wise friends, Minnow Mikey and Wise Ole Walleye.  After all, there were plenty more adventures to be had in the big blue lake, in the middle of that old country town of Gill-ville! 



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