31 March 1492 Spain expels Jews

Great read on the history of today in Jewish history- significant day for sure!

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

31 March 1492 Ferdinand and Isabella’s Edict of Expulsion – the Alhambra Decree #otdimjh


The year 1492 is most often associated with Columbus and his discovery of America. But another event of tragic proportions developed that year. It gave the world the Sephardic Jews (so called because Sepharadh was a region of Spain where many Jews had settled). [from Christianity.com]


By 1492, Spain, under Ferdinand and Isabella had just emerged as a defender of the Roman Catholic faith. The marriage of the two rulers eventually united Aragon and Castile, although while she lived, Isabella did not yield her authority to her husband. In Granada, the pair defeated the Islamic Moors, who had long controlled Spain. Spurred on by the cruel Grand Inquisitor Torquemada, Ferdinand and Isabella felt they must remove all heretics and non-Christians from their land in order to purge it of pagan influences and firmly establish the Christian faith.

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  1. And what happened to those Jews who died during the inquisition? Are they burning in Hell for refusing to kiss the sword?


    1. Umm, not really my call to make that judgment. Not really sure where you are going with the questions either, it wasn’t my article, I just shared it as it was an interesting read.


  2. What does the New Testament say of those who don’t believe in Yeshua? Do you believe Yeshua is the only way to heaven? And if not, what happened to all those Jews who died during the inquisition?


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