Being Real: The Pop Culture of Christianity

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…to be Messianic means to follow in the steps of Yeshua, not in the traditions of denominations.

For most of my life I have grown up in the church.  I had accepted what was taught and said because I trusted those who were saying it.  I had accepted that Jesus was a skinnier version of Fabio who died on a cross on Easter and was born in a stable at Christmas.  My bias towards who I thought God was, was filtered through personal viewpoints, denominational slants, cultural norms and trends.  I thought that the Jews were good people who forgot God, but that God’s chosen people was now the church.

I had bought into the pop culture of Christianity!

In the pop culture of Christianity, we had adopted the WWJD from Charles Sheldon’s book In His Steps.  I am not against this statement, I just think there is not enough focus on what it actually means to follow in the steps of Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name).  To truly follow in the steps of Yeshua- what does that look like?  (This is where I lose most denominational card carrying people because the comfort of denominational values trumps the truth about Yeshua and who He is!)

So what does following in the steps of Yeshua look like?  Here are a few steps:

  • Yeshua grew up in a Jewish culture that followed Torah,
  • Yeshua followed, practiced and fulfilled (Spring Feasts) the Feasts of God (Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles,
  • Yeshua celebrated Passover, not communion,
  • Yeshua kept the Sabbath, not a sabbath,
  • Yeshua was born at the time of Tabernacles, not Christmas,
  • Yeshua was crucified during Passover and came back to life on First Fruits,
  • Yeshua ascended on Pentecost.

Following in the steps of Yeshua looks different today than it did when Yeshua was actually here in the flesh!  It doesn’t have to though.  Do I think we all need to become Jewish for those of us who are not- absolutely not!  That was the debate between Rabbi Shaul (Paul) and the Apostles.  However, in our faith of Yeshua, we are all Messianic, regardless of culture, and to be Messianic means to follow in the steps of Yeshua, not in the traditions of denominations (and that is where the arrows usually begin to be shot).

This is where being real is difficult, I am finding more fulfillment in understanding the context of living through the Jewish understanding of Torah and Yeshua.  I am not attacking denominations per se, but the denominational mindset that seems to over exert itself above the Torah.  As the saying goes, ‘We either stand for something, or fall for anything.’  Denominational lines are being crossed today by cultural norms, the church is no longer defining culture, culture is ripping away at those who claim to follow God. Following God is only truly defined by one- Yeshua the Messiah, and that is whom I take my orders from. 




  1. I believe you have chosen a right direction to the Biblical and historical Messiahnity. I remember during my youth group worship, we used to recite the denominational creed doctrinated with a Westminster Chatechism and i thought my church was very conservative and biblical.

    Went to seminary and learned many theologies that say Jesus is God. Now i conversate with Jews in Israel and America and they tell me that Christians believe Jesus is God, thus idolatry. I came to realize that for many centuries, the Jews were influenced by the pop culture of Christianty, not by the teachings of the New Testament. We as Christians misunderstood the Gospel and put the theological statement of Trinity over the biblical statement of who Yeshua is, thus spread theology, not Gospel.

    I found it interesting in the NT: the NT never says, “Jesus is God,” rather it says, “the Son of God, the image of God, the Logos of God, the wisdom of God, the power of God, the Mediator and the High Priest…”

    As one should not tear a piece of the New garment and put it on the Old garment(Mt 9:16), we should not put the NT theology into the Old Testament. Otherwise, it will make a HOLE. Rather we should put Old Testament into the New Testament to complete the Gospel, then the garment will be WHOLE and Shalom.

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