Being Real: To Have Lived Well

Most of the time I go through the day to day motions without much thought of tomorrow.

I know there is no guarantee of tomorrow, but my experience of life says otherwise: every day I have lived;

for today’s yesterday, there is a tomorrow.

I know that one day this will not be the case.  

There is an aching thought that through this space and time I have been given, that I will have lived, and have done it well.  

Not that I want anyone to be the judge of that, myself included!

I want the life I have been given to have been said of me, that it was not taken for granted, but that the life and the people around him were counted as thankful and appreciated, regardless of the mountains climbed or the valleys descended into.  

As today progresses into tomorrow, I want my yesterday to have been one that I lived through well.



What do you think?

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