Being Real: Stuck!

There is a lot to learn from people who have been stuck, but are stuck no longer.

Not sure about you, but being stuck is not fun.  It can be an adventure to rescue when one of your friends is stuck, but when it is you who is stuck, it is an adventure I would rather not take.

Unfortunately, life is full of mudholes where getting stuck is not the abnormality.  I have come to an observational conclusion about the culture I find myself a part of- Leadership is the sexy spotlight of driving value oriented beliefs, while Discipleship is the dirty involvement of getting in the messiness of life- where people are stuck.  


Leadership is glorified until the leader becomes messy and then we throw them to the wayside to fend for themselves.  Leaders are not allowed to be messy based on the leadership principles (or mis-beliefs) that they have things altogether.

Discipleship (or Mentoring) is messy from the onset!  You know what you are getting into, at least you have an idea that getting involved in a person’s life, where they are stuck, you are not going to come out on the other side unscathed, or not dirty!

I would rather have leadership, I mean who wouldn’t?  You look good from the outside, people think you have it altogether and you are part of the illusion that you are not dirty and that you have never been stuck.  There is a lot to learn from people who have been stuck, but are stuck no longer.  Mentorship is the key to getting people unstuck, not leadership.  You can lead all you want, but if people see that you are unwilling to get messy in their stuck-ness, as well as your own, you will be a leader of none!

I am not a leadership guru or a mentoring giant by any stretch of the imagination.  I am just a guy who observes and tries to learn from those observations.  I am simply trying to be my best in all I think, say, and do.  Whether I am mentoring 1 or 100, in a leadership position whose responsible for 100 or 1000.  What we should be chasing is not the incandescent light of leadership, but the messy mud-holes of life- because that is where the people are!



What do you think?

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