Being Real: Dare to Be Heard


We all want to be heard, we all want to be noticed,

we want our lives to matter, to be significant.

we want to be heard, but we do not listen,

we want a voice, but have nothing to say,

we want to be noticed, but acknowledge no one,

we want what is best for self and self preservation,

but do the opposite to others

of what we would like done to us,

this is the generation of our time,

this is the time of our generation,

giphy (1)

we are self taught to be self centered to have self noticed-


This is not new, self centered-ness has always been around,

maybe not as prevalent with our InstaFaceChat accounts

where the world is our noticing acknowledging sea of fans.  

I am bored of “my personal self” being the center of my focus,

it is tiring to maintain certain appearances,

wearing certain masks,

giphy (2)

pleasing certain people.

Rip all of that away and what do you have:

someone who is afraid to be silently solitude

in this world of self seeking desires…

the fear of silence is loudly proclaimed

in our selfies and look at me attitudes…

we lead to be noticed by others whom we want acceptance from,

we follow people who can make our status seem bigger than it is…

this is the time of our generation,

and we are spiraling toward an ever increasing void

of the neglect of others,

giphy (3)

yeah this is a rant of sorts,

but it is my prerogative,

as I am as much a part of this self culture as the rest of the world,

this is my time for my voice to be heard among the voices…

but I am a listener…

and being a voice heard is not in my level of comfort-

who cares?  

the pen is mightier than the sword,

but when it comes to war

I would rather know how to wield a sword than to write with a pen.

giphy (4)

~EsseRealis (Brandon J Melanson) 


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