Connected…not so much!

Hello, my name is Brandon, and I am an introvert, you killed my free time and creativity, prepare to die…


Yes, I am saying goodbye to the social time wasters of Facebook and Twitter.  Now granted I wasn’t glued to these social outlets 24/7, remember I am an introvert.  But somehow through the time I did spend on these, I was not the better for it.

For some reason I had begun to compare myself to others highlights (and yes I posted my own as well) to my average day, I felt that I was losing who I am in the continual comparison of social media.

John Eldredge and his son Blaine are currently doing a great podcast on this topic.  Check it out.

John Eldredge and sons and friends

So, as far as social media goes, I am sticking with wordpress as it allows me to write my own thoughts without the comparing of others.  So long to Facebook and Twitter- and much like Chris PineConnected- not so much!

giphy-downsized (1)


What do you think?

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