Being Real: What Blueberry Raking is to Me!

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I still remember my first job ever…

Blueberry Raking- I earned a whopping $150 in those 3 weeks of 1987.

In fact, I am fairly certain that I ate more than the $150 worth of blueberries during those 3 weeks as I came home most every night with a blue mouth!


Not quite that bad, but probably pretty close!

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I do still remember those hot August days in New Brunswick, working with Ed Ness blueberry farms.  In fact many lessons about life were learned on those fields!

blueberry blower
Blueberry leave blower

Lesson 1- don’t hang off the back of a truck on your way to the berry fields…because you could lose a sneaker, or you could actually fall off! (luckily I learned this via witnessing the event, not participating!)

Half a bushel of blueberries

Lesson 2- the bigger the rake doesn’t mean more berries!  I tried all sizes of rakes, the larger ones never worked for me, seemed like I got more leaves than berries- maybe it was my form and style, I don’t know, but my bushels always seemed to have more leaves than berries!

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Lesson 3- It is more fun with friends, than by yourself!

Duh, we’re in New Brunswick!

Memories of hard work, eating tons of berries, meeting new friends, making memories with old friends, and blowing all that hard earned money on baseball cards… that is what blueberry raking is to me!

A bushel of berries in 1987 was anywhere between $4.50-7 paid to the worker

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