Being Real: Shipwrecked

Once a seafaring vessel,

Capable of tackling waves with ease.

Now waves tackle without relent,

as this ship hugs the shore for survival.

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In her day she shone with the Captains delight,

her crew was the envy of all.

She traveled from north and south,

east and west, no quest too big nor too small.

Rusted shipwreck resting on a reef in Hawaii. The photographer noted, “All that remains above water of an unnamed vessel wrecked on the reef long ago.” NOAA Photo #1 by Dr. Dwayne Meadows, NOAA / NMFS / OPR; NOAA’s Maritime Heritage Program

But now she lies at the waters edge,

the log of storied days gone by.

Part of the oceans history,

now a place of coral and rusted hull.

retrieved from:

Once a seaworthy ship of beauty,

now, shipwrecked and lost at sea.

Her days of riding waves and cargo hauling,

are but memories…to remember.

~ © 2017 EsseRealis


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  1. Beautiful scenes with lyrics!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. EsseRealis says:

      Thanks Gean!


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