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What we have is now,

not the yesterdays or tomorrows.

The moving presence of now,

is in our breath and senses.

We cannot pause the moment,

but it will be captured.

What we do now,

shapes our tomorrow and paints our past.

Now is what we have,

and how, we our mindful of it.

We can live in the now,

because that is all we have.

Now we can live,

in the now that we have!

~Brandon J Melanson

©2018 Brandon J Melanson



  1. Hi Brandon.

    I noticed a stupid looking icon that is attached to any comment i would like to send. It’s really annoying because I can’t seem to get rid of this stupid icon. It definitely does not in any way reflect your commentary that I like very much. God Bless


    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E


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