How Sgt Daniel Spencer Reid died in WW1

  This is a letter written by Sgt Reid's brother- Donald Calderwood Reid about how his brother died in battle. My grandmother- Jennie Reid (5 Aug 1918-22 Dec 1998) , a genealogist and author who wrote Musquodoboit Pioneers would be fascinated by the history and stories she would have been able to pull from these... Continue Reading →

A Poppy- To Remember

A Poppy- To Remember by Padre Lt(N) Brandon J Melanson copyright 2010 The poppy, black and red, Reminds us of the war dead. Sons and daughters crawled through the field, To fight for freedom and never yield. With their lives they paid the price, So we must remember their sacrifice. To honour them is a... Continue Reading →

Shake Hands with A Veteran The older gentleman sat on the bench, with medals adorned and head bowed low. Reminded of fellows who would not be joining, on this somber day of Remembrance. A tear fell softly to the ground, where war has never seen. While many tears flowed years ago, throughout the red stained fields. He fought for... Continue Reading →

Being Real: Stuck!

There is a lot to learn from people who have been stuck, but are stuck no longer. Not sure about you, but being stuck is not fun.  It can be an adventure to rescue when one of your friends is stuck, but when it is you who is stuck, it is an adventure I would... Continue Reading →

Being Real: Honda ATV Nation

It's that time of year when we head out to the trails in central Ontario for our Fall run. This is by far my most favorite time of the year to go ATV'ing.  The colors, the fresh-ness of the air, and the comradery amongst friends.  So for this post I am looking at the history... Continue Reading →

Being Real: Loud Silence

Loud Silence in the Quiet Storms, Fewer words speak volumes. Brilliant Darkness enlightens the soul, Of the man who has lost his way. Loud Silence can alarm the inner self of what each breath is capable of. Quiet Storms of life, each of us has our own. The words we never say, Speak louder than the... Continue Reading →

Being Real: To Have Lived Well

Most of the time I go through the day to day motions without much thought of tomorrow. I know there is no guarantee of tomorrow, but my experience of life says otherwise: every day I have lived; for today's yesterday, there is a tomorrow. I know that one day this will not be the case.... Continue Reading →

Being Real: The Pop Culture of Christianity

[Photo Credit:] be Messianic means to follow in the steps of Yeshua, not in the traditions of denominations. For most of my life I have grown up in the church.  I had accepted what was taught and said because I trusted those who were saying it.  I had accepted that Jesus was a... Continue Reading →

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