Take the Challenge!


Why be real?

Because our world needs real people, better yet, your world needs a real you!

There are too many counterfeit people who claim to be this, but are really that.  This is a challenge that I have decided to take up as I have looked at the life I have been privileged to live and realize that there are areas where I am not real, I pretend to be someone else who I think others will like better.  This is the cultural facade that is tripping people up from their true potential.

So why take the challenge?

You tell me.

I know why I took it, I want to be real inside and out, I want to give people my best, not what I think they want.

Be sure about it- being real is not easy nor is it the cultural norm of our day- just go on Facebook and see all the pretending that goes on.  I like Facebook, so don’t get me wrong- but there is a lot of real people faking who they really are.

Here is the challenge:

Be Real in what you say

Be Real in what you think

Be Real in what you do


Your Life is Worth Living!

~Esse Realis


6 thoughts on “Take the Challenge!

Add yours

  1. I know this is something I need to work on to. I notice when I am fake and I really do not like it. So I make it an effort to not be fake at other times. Good word, bro.


    1. I hear you Jamin, this is something of a shift for most of us. However it is very freeing knowing that I am consciously thinking about being real with all aspects of life, but it is a challenge for sure!


  2. It is so ironic that I came across this very piece. I was sitting there, two in the morning, composing a new page to add to my blog; as I typed all about me, non-conformist came to mind but if you knew me five years ago, ten years ago, I was everything but a nonconformist. But I have had some real trials and tribulations the past few years and I’ve been hurt time and time again by people who supposedly cared for me and I finally started putting my foot down and that’s when I realized that the real me was coming out, and I really like it. I really appreciate that this is happening, because I really feel the real me when I do or say anything and everything the past few years, and its an unfamiliar feeling for me but I’m getting used to it and I love it….and I thank people like you for the encouragement because it’s really hard to be real, ya know? Being real means not caring what anyone thinks and having to blow off a lot of negativity thrown at you. So again, I thank you, you’re realness helped me be real…. 😀


    1. Thanks for the comment, whenever we take steps to be the true us, it is very refreshing and comforting to know that we can be the real us and be OK with it. For me the reality has been- it doesn’t matter what I think of myself or even others- but what does God think of me! This has helped my real self come forward.
      I look forward to following your thoughts and writings!


  3. Well said Brandon. I’ve struggled with these issues my whole life. The “Boot Camp” was a real eye-opener. I’ve been making a real effort to correct this but it’s a difficult journey. Old habits die hard.


    1. Mark, boot camp is definitely an eye opener for all of us. I find it hard on the day to day where we get into the grooves of life and sometimes those grooves become ruts and we think that we are the only one in those ruts- that is where the band of brothers fits in so well, we all need to know we belong to a cadre of other men!
      Thanks for the encouragement Mark!


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