The Real Me!


Every Man needs a pumpkin- John Eldredge Wild at Heart Boot Camp experience of swinging a sword!

My name is Brandon and I am very blessed, not because of what I possess or do not possess, but because I have a great family and I am loved beyond my wildest imagination.  I do believe in God (Hashem) the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus (Yeshua), and I believe God loves this world.  I believe God gave His very best, His One and Only- Yeshua.  I believe that when love is displayed with such depth and sacrifice, that Yeshua is worth following.

Cruising with friends on Carnival Valor to the Turks and Caicos, so close to becoming part of Canada!

From my understanding and life experiences up to this point, I have learned that I need help in leading my life in a way that serves and gives value to other people , and Hashem through Yeshua has set the example and calls us to follow Him- anyone who is willing to lay down their life for their enemy is definitely worth listening to and following!

NHL Play On (Ottawa, ON) 4 on 4 ball hockey tournament- this is the year we set the record for the largest outdoor ball hockey tournament.

I do a few cool things as I serve first of all as a husband and father to my family.  I also serve as a prison chaplain full time, a Royal Canadian Navy reserve Chaplain part time. So I get to meet with interesting individuals and serve some of the greatest people on the planet!

I like to write poems, ride my ATV into the deep woods of Southern Ontario, as well as bury my head in the ocean while south on vacation and float the day away watching the underwater world.

This blog serves as a reminder to myself that I am not what I do.  But I am much more than what I do.  That is the point of Esse Realis- Being Real.

Rem Day 2010
Remembrance Day at the RCN memorial, there is nothing quite like talking to the veterans who served our country- they are awesome individuals!


      1. Gina, I am not sure where you can get a poster, but if you google “courage d-day”, that might help find a link to download the picture.
        Hope that helps,


  1. Nice Blog. Always neat to share others perspective like the one you identify. Thanks also for including my blogs in with your site. God Bless, Rick


  2. Hi Brandon, Mom has left a message for you once before to say thanks for liking a post of her’s. We went through our follower’s list today and saw your name again – thank you so much for following! God bless you and we pray that he continues to use you to encourage and be a blessing to those you serve and to your family.

    Blessings in Christ,
    Rebecca (and Ma Chris)


    1. Thank you very much for the comment and for the encouragement. I trust that you and your family will have a great Christmas and I look forward to reading more posts from your blog!


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